Who is the noisiest in your flock?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
My noisiest chicken is definatly my speckled sussex pullet that is 22 weeks old. She walks around day and night squawking and needs to be heard!
Second place is my beautiful rhode island red that is a great layer. My SS is also one of the sweetest and nicest birds in my flock as well! My SS will sing the egg song every time someone else is in the nest laying an egg! This will alert me there is an egg to collect soon! I love it.

Which breed in your flock likes to be heard the most?
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The noisiest gal is a little Cream Brabanter that I call Petite Miss. (She's actually a large fowl, but on the petite size.) She walks around squawking and grumbling to herself all day long.

Here she is, along side of my Olive Egger hen, Olive!
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My RIR constantly walks around grumbling. She doesn't ever shut up, but isn't loud really. My BO's can be heard for about an hour from very far away when they are announcing their egg's though.
In my older brahma flock it would definitely be Jezebel, a light brahma hen. Jezebel talks in her sleep even.

Younger flock, without a doubt, my SF Ray. More than once I've run outside expecting a slaughter by the sound of it but no, just Ray.
Bobby, our SS roo with no tail is definitely the loudest. He crows, and also informs me when they're low on water, treats, or if there's a deer in the nieghborhood. He's started making a sound like an old man gargling, don't know what that's about! He's very entertaining.

The next most vocal is our big RIR hen, who isn't loud but questions us about things all day long. The other hens have been imitating her for a while now.

Actually, they're all pretty chatty. Fortunately we aren't getting dirty looks from our neighbors
Unfortunately our most noisy hen is the one with the demanding, raspy voice that always makes her sound like she's angrily complaining!
This is Hazel my Speckled Sussex. She is the loudest by far. No polite buk buks from her. She screams!!! And she used to be the quiet one.

The neighbors probably wonder what is going on in our backyard!!!

My chickens are all really quiet. They only cluck gently when they see me with food. Haha no excitement unless they're getting new roomies!


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