Who laid it?

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    We have FINALLY after six long months, finally been able to combine all 25 of our girls. We had a split group of two this entire time because the older 12 were just awful to the younger ones. Constant fights every way we tried to mesh them. Blah! Long story short, we ripped their whole coop and run down and built a new larger one about 30 feet away that the pullets lived in for a while. Added the older girls and they were totally accepting.

    So today, the second day of the new blended group, we go out to add some new roost bars and stuff. 4 eggs in the nestboxes. Thank you ladies for laying even under the stress of moving and new 'friends'. But oh...what is this? A tiny little egg. I mean TINY. Like a perfect little round quarter size. Stupid me did not get a picture!! I highly doubt it was one of my hens. I'm thinking pullets. I have two bantam pullets, could it have been them? I just can't imagine my other pullets would lay such a small egg. They are rather large girls (BO, EE and SLW) the bantams are a Porcelain and a Silkie. But they are both just about 16 weeks. Could this have been one of their first eggs, so soon?
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    Sounds like it was one of them laying there first egg [​IMG]
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    Quote:X2 [​IMG]

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