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The fact that it utilizes whole traditional foods/eating.
We have been following his work and study for quite awhile, and have noted that it actually works.

Personally, I have watched my basal temp (currently at 97.2) rise ( different then ovulation stuff) and then when I get back into excercising more and limiting carbs, it crashes again, and so do I.
I hover around 97.2 pre O, and have been as low as 96.5 in the past. I have been able to get it to come up several points for periods of time.
But never have I been able to get it up to 98.6 pre O.

I already eat a full traditional diet, but I have never tried the method he advocates, and has used successfully with clientel for a long time.
I realy respect the fact that his results actually last as well.
One thing to note, is most find that they gain a little bit of weight in the initial stages, and then as the months progress, it just starts to disapear.
It takes time for the thyroid and adrenals to heal to the point that they can kick out the unneeded fat in the body.
That is intriguing. I wonder, would it go well with a sleep-deprived, nursing mom?
We are also eating more traditional foods in the last couple years. The books The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and The Untold Story of Milk fit right in with this theme. I really believe all these newfangled processed 'foods' are killing us in myriad ways.
Ive been saying that for years. Its the seasonal survival system ingrained in us over thousands of years of evolution. People that live in the tropics had a high food environment an needed high energy all year so there metabolism adjusts for that. People close to the poles have high energy an high food environments 3 months out of the year an low food an low energy environments the rest of the year. Taking away food tells the body you are going in to lean times an to store food. when the food comes back it takes a while to turn up the burn proses an your body still keeps it in check in anticipation of next seasons lean times. Consistent , high energy foods like steak, potatoes, eggs, beans, tomatoes, exc. tell the body you need high energy all the time an it slowly turns up the boiler over a year or 2.
Here is a tidbit written by Matt back in April...
http://180degreehealth.blogspot.com/search/label/Basal temperature

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want to lead anyone to believe that people who are overweight have a “low metabolism.” By that definition, they do not. Not at all.

In fact, one of the reasons obese people die younger and generally have more health problems may very well have a lot to do with all of the excess “work” that their bodies perform in trying to maintain such a large body mass. If anything, the reason lean people have better health and longevity stats is precisely because they are lean, and their total metabolic expenditure and lower food intakes to maintain body weight are lower.

So I don’t want my definition of metabolism to cause any confusion. When I say “metabolism,” I mean body temperature. This is a far better indicator of, pound for pound, what kind of hormonal state the body is in. The REAL definition of metabolism is the sum total of all hormonal and metabolic processes within the body – not just calorie burn or oxygen consumption.

Say what you will about calories and aging, but being in a hormonal state of functional starvation, in which the body is trying to conserve calories by lowering its basal temperature, is an unhealthy state that lends itself to greater rates of both degenerative and infectious disease. And yes, overweight people often do have very low body temperatures despite massive total metabolic expenditure. Plus, being in starvation mode makes you want to eat more, and encourages fat formation out of the food you eat – increasing total fat mass and total metabolic expenditure.

When you are not in functional hibernation mode, where the body maintains its temperature at ideal levels and is not trying to conserve calories, you don’t store fat. You don’t get bigger. You don’t need to eat more. Your body uses ingested food as energy and expels the excess through heat, activity, an increase in fecal calories, and other mechanisms the body has up its sleeve to prohibit fat accumulation.

So, thin or fat, you want to have a high body temperature – a prime symbol of the body’s systems firing on all cylinders. This allows life to be lived more fully with greater disease resistance, more energy, better recuperative powers, and so on. It also lends itself to resistance to fat gain, and a well-controlled appetite. In October, with a basal temperature of 96.2 following 5-months of intense exercise and prolonged calorie deficit, even 4,000 calories could barely satisfy my appetite. I’m now getting satisfaction on fewer calories than ever before in my adult life – an estimated 2,500 calories per day at most, while my body temperature hovers between 97.5 and 98.0.​
The more in look into this, the better I feel about jumping in and doing it.
I have inadvertently done it to an extent. Its just that I never realized that that initial bit of weight gain was actually part of the healing process!
I think it would work very well for you. And you have nothing to lose by trying it.
Who knows, it may calm things down for you in the long run.

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