Why aren't my hens laying?


8 Years
Aug 1, 2011
We have 9 hens, 3 are 1 year olds and the rest are 2 years. We get 1 or 2 eggs from the 2 year olds and 1 or 2 out of the 1 year olds. They have access to Purina Layena all the time, they always have fresh water, they get a handful of scratch a couple times a day, plus fresh greens every so often. They are in a run and coop most of the time, but they also are let out for supervised free-ranging when I have time. Our Barnevelder and Welsummer are always molting, they have been for the last year so no eggs from them. Any ideas why they aren't laying? Thanks!
If they have been molting for a whole year it is probably not molting. I would start by checking for lice or mites? Feather pecking or eating? Worms? How many hours of daylight are they getting where you are? Any other symptoms?
I have a Barred Rock that has been molting for about 9 months now (not losing feathers, but taking a long time to grow them all back). She does lay eggs though. She has been laying about 5 eggs a week through the whole thing.
I'm pretty sure it's not feather picking, they both drop their feathers and grow back new ones, and I've never seen the others pecking them (besides the little 'I'm the top of the pecking order' small pecks). One does have lice, but she's been molting like this since before she had lice (which I am treating) but the other doesn't. We are getting over 13 hours of daylight. I'm not sure on the worms, I actually have been looking at wormers, trying to decide if I should do it or not. I can't think of anything else, but thanks!
That's funny! Mine is mini I think... She's little, I rescued her from a friend who got her from a feedstore, but she is so little compared to my silver penciled rock. But she isn't small enough to be bantam. She is really sweet, she was in my room for a month and a half so, she grew used to me quick.

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