Why do you like where you live?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by KingsCalls, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. KingsCalls

    KingsCalls Songster

    Oct 22, 2007
    New Market,Tn.
    I was just wondering what everyone likes about where you live?
    I'll start.......I live in Jefferson County, Tn. Our county is mostly rural and we have a lot of
    farming land. Mostly dairy cattle, beef cattle, horse farms, miniture horses, a few that raise donky's, some sheep and some goats. The largest town Jefferson City pretty much closes down at 10 pm. The hardware stores are not open on Sunday's. Church is still a part of life here! New Market, where we live has one red light. We are between 2 lakes (Douglas & Cherokee). The town of Dandridge is one of the oldest in the state. Our high school offers classes like skeet shooting and calf roping. The Jefferson County Fair is going into it's 63'rd
    year. We are pretty much surounded by mountains and can be in the Great Smoky Mts. in about 20 min. In the fall you could not ask for a better sight than the changing of the leaf color in the mountains! We have about 3 rivers within 15 to 30 min. drive all with good fishing and beautiful float trips. We have plenty of land to deer hunt on(something I like to do) and shopping in big cities is not far away(something my DW likes to do). Our tax rate is below most of the surounding county's. And most people here are very interested in what the school board is doing. Our children here are very important to us! Oh, and we have Carson-Newman College. I could not think of a better place to live myself because here my nearest neighbor is on the next ridge over and if I feel the need to pee while I'm outside, then guess what, I pee outside!!!!
  2. silkiechicken

    silkiechicken Staff PhD

    I like where I live because...

    1) I live on acreage in the middle of a city. Rather, between cities, but it is one of the last undeveloped parcels in the area. besides the homeless sleeping under the trees that I call the sheriff on at times, it's pretty locked in.

    2) Cool summers.

    3) Daily highs and lows are usually within 15 degF

    4) 20 min away from Seattle. Big city to get your stuff, but a good distance away to see it from a distance

    5) Large populus = tons of shopping choices and lots of options. Shoot 5 different feed stores within 30 min. All different chains too.

    Thats all for now.
  3. nccatnip

    nccatnip Songster

    Aug 5, 2007
    Piedmont area NC
    My home sounds exactly like yours, Kingscall. Very rural, people are polite and friendly. I have plenty of land to do what I want but as a girl, I do refrain from peeing outside. Too many people stop by to chat or check on me.
    I love most when friends stop by and we sit under the black walnut tree and shoot the breeze, watching the chickens.
    I am so excited because yesterday I had an old barn taken down (or rather what was left of it) and I can now see the mountain ridge from my living room.
    This is a wonderful area of the state to live in, pretty much smack in the middle with temperate climate, low taxes and affordable living.
  4. I love it where I live because I am in a very rural setting, but only 7 miles to town. Our closest neighbors live 2 miles away to the south, west, and north of us. I can go hunting at anytime if I wish to. My chickens have lots and lots of room when it's warm. We run 700 head of cattle, and have 10 head of horses. Neighbors help neighbors out when they need it. Sundays are designated church days. We have local dams and rivers that we fish from, so it is all good!

    Small towns surround us, and we live 118 miles from Walmart, and 60 miles from local runnings, which is not bad considering I go to town once a week for chicken feed, and to do banking for my job. So I kill two birds with one stone as they say!

    I grew up in a more rural area where you went to town once a month to get groceries, or if someone was in town for parts they picked up groceries.

    We don't have a lot of company here unless it's hunting season or a holiday.
  5. peeps7

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    Aug 26, 2007
    North Carolina
    1) I live on 5 acres in the country, actually I live in the outpost of a teeny town. [​IMG]

    2) I like it because it is the only country area left around where I live. :|

    3) There is hardly any crimes around here and if there are it isn't where I live. [​IMG]

    4) I live about 10 miles from 2 major cities so if I need to go to TS or Petsmart, they aren't far away. [​IMG]

    Thats about it for now. [​IMG]
  6. okiechick57

    okiechick57 Songster

    UM.........my first thought was I do NOT like it........ [​IMG]
    I love my land. [​IMG].........animals [​IMG]....... being in the country....Oklahoma has some pretty areas SO I have heard........I am in the flatlands. but the people are great, I can afford to live here.........lots of open space left.... I love the slow pace here...... I am only 10 miles from the big OKC, my town has only one blinking signal......and 2 stops signs....... cracks me up when I think about growing up in Los Angeles and the difference. OH and I love the boys in them there pick em up trucks [​IMG]
  7. birdnutz

    birdnutz Songster

    Mar 6, 2007
    I like it because it's the least populated state in the union. I live 50 miles to the nearest biggest city in Wyoming(Casper) the town I live by has a population of 5000. So I can get what I need in town. The Laramie mountain range is 30 miles from me and I can see Laramie peak out of my back door. The river is 5 miles,the lake is 35 miles from me with fairly good fishing,walleye,catfish,trout and yellow perch,plus more probably.National grasslands north of me,and of course Yellowstone.Pronghorn antelope and bald eagles are an every day thing.If you're into hunting theres elk,antelope,whitetail,bighorn sheep,moose,bear,big cats and of course birds.Fox,coyote,racoon are hunted year round.Beautiful blue skys and sunrises and sunsets are stunning. No humidity. No state taxes and low property taxes. No matter where you go I will meet some one I know. Most of the people are friendly and helpful. Very good school system and usually the only violent crime is a bar fight.
    What I don't like is winter and the wind. So the good does out way the negatives. It's just right now their hard to remember.As I can hear the wind blowing around the side of my house.
  8. Southern28Chick

    Southern28Chick Flew The Coop

    Apr 16, 2007
    I love that NC has crazy HOT summers. You can always tell who's not from NC in the summer time. My DH is a HVAC Tech and it's soooooo funny when people call on a 75 degree day and are crying that their AC isn't working. [​IMG]
  9. flakey chick

    flakey chick Songster

    May 3, 2007
    I actually love the heat and humidity of Florida in general. Yes I know that's pretty weird, but I can't stand cold or dry. We used to go barefoot year round then we moved to Ohio for year. I was still very young, but it was quite a shock. I was not amused.

    My throat, sinuses and skin can't tolerate dry condions.

    Right now I live in a semi-rural area about 1 mile down a dirt road. I like it now, but I had one day when I called my sweetie up and told him we HAD to move. I had stayed home sick. First there was a scorpion in the bathroom. Then I had an encounter with a 6 foot diamond back rattle snake on the walkway to our front door![​IMG]
  10. Rosalind

    Rosalind Songster

    Mar 25, 2007
    Lots of things nice about Taxachusetts!

    -Really great medical care. The public health authorities are very good about making sure that people have access to preventative medicine, there's all sorts of programs for people who can't afford insurance, and the insurance companies are really good about providing coverage and paying bills in a timely manner. Wonderful hospitals and lots of really great doctors around. Even the crappy hospitals in Massachusetts are still pretty decent.

    -Lots of museums and parks open to the public. Some states, you have to pay to go to the beaches, especially the nice ones, and then there's a zillion restrictions on what you're allowed to bring, how far out you can swim, etc. When I get a day off, I can drive out to the beach (which isn't very far) with my dog and a picnic lunch (including beer), sit down and have a nice afternoon. Lots of beautiful parks that do historical re-enactments, too--we go to see the Battle of Lexington re-enacted. The Boston museums are some of the finest in the world.

    -Very decent public transportation. My mother and I were discussing what she would do when she is too old to work anymore (she doesn't want to retire), because someday she will be too frail and uncoordinated to drive safely. I pointed out that if she lived in a city, or even in the suburbs of Boston, she could easily get around anywhere she needed to go--including working part-time, cheap entertainment, shopping.

    -People are fairly non-judgmental here. There's a sort of respect for privacy in your personal life that was not there when I lived in the Midwest. I don't mind a good debate or discussion, but I do mind getting threatening notes stuck on my windshield, my car vandalized, being screamed at and called names in public, being harassed, being paid less than other people doing the same job, people going through my purse, being assaulted, etc. all because of my religion/politics/marital status. Here, if someone doesn't agree with you on any particular point, everyone just kind of shrugs, has another beer and agrees to disagree. I've never felt unsafe because of who I was here, or particularly singled out for bullying.

    -DH would be furious if I neglected to mention the ocean. There are whale-watching excursions in the summer, fishing trips, and due to stringent pollution controls, the ocean has That Smell. It's hard to describe, like the fresh smell clothes get when they are line-dried--like that but somehow a bit sweeter, and greener, like a lilypad that's been line-dried. I had never smelled the ocean when it was clean, only the dead fish, pollution and rotten seaweed stink of New Jersey, but the Massachusetts coast smells clean and has beautiful blue water, lots of gorgeous boats. And whales! The whales come right up to your boat, they are amazing creatures.

    -Jobs. We have very low unemployment here. The employment rate for my particular field is so high here that employers offer really decent salaries, three weeks of paid vacation, unlimited sick time, plus a week of paid "shutdown" between Xmas and New Year's and 10 holidays/year. If I don't like my job, it's not hard to find another. The working conditions (safety, building quality, office space, manager attitudes etc.) are also the nicest I've ever seen.

    -Schools. Lots of universities, and Massachusetts schools are some of the finest in the country.

    -Beer! Lots of wonderful microbreweries around here, and the old-fashioned pubs that brew their own beer.

    -Hardly any homeowner's associations. I hate the idea of buying a property and having someone tell me what color I can paint my front door or what type of holiday decorations I'm allowed to hang. We just have town regulations that dictate things like water use, sewer/septic maintenance and property setbacks (i.e. safety stuff and issues that affect neighbors), but other than that you can have a purple house with red grass and shrubberies in the shape of naked people if you really want 'em.

    In the particular part of Massachusetts where I live, it's a bedroom community with extremely stringent regulations on development. They know that property values are all in the semi-rural character of the town, so new construction is on decent-sized lots with plenty of big trees around, and neighbors keep cows, chickens and sheep as pets. The streetlights are shaded to minimize light pollution, so you can really see stars even though we're about 30 miles away from Boston. DH and I regularly go out to look at comets, meteor showers, planets. Nothing nicer than having a good beer on the back patio with a fire in the fire pit and watching the stars.

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