Why does my Bantam make strange noises???

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Name: Roady (found her at the road, mother had become roadkill R.I.P)
    Species: Old english game bird bantam
    Other Hens: Blacky (not sure on breed)

    One day the chickens where in the garden and blacky wandered away from roady, this made the young hen panic and she started squawking. Over head some seagulls were also squawking later roady again started squawking but just like a gull.
    A few days later i was on the decking tutting to get their attention when roads tried to copy me i picked her up and looked in her mouth her tongue was making the same motion a humans does when tutting.

    Any ideas on why she is doing this would be very handy, she has never really had a mother since we had to hand raise her until blacky adopted her so any ideas are welcome...

    (roady is my profile pic)
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