Why don't my chickens like me? Lol


9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
I have 10 4 month old hens and a rooster. I also have an additional 5 hens that are about a month old. The first batch I didn't handle them much and they run in terror when I come near them. So on this new batch I thought I would handle them on a daily basis to help them get used to me. That's not working either and I have stopped due to possibly stressing them out. I read on and on about how people's hens are so loving and follow them around and jump on them etc. Are my hens still to young? What's the deal?

Thank you.
I'm new to this chicken thing but from all I've read, there are friendly breeds, shy and antisocial ones. What type do you have? I would try bribery with the youngest ones. Special treats and see if this helps. Good luck and have fun with your flock
I must say, that some chickens are social and some are just plain, aloof.

Firstly, think what breeds do you have? Breeds that have been bred for a specific quality, carry on those qualities to their offspring, be it temperament or something else.

How are you handling your chicks? Rough handling or being covered by a huge hand suddenly can be quiet frightening.
Try using treats, or try singing when your busy cleaning the coop. Chickens do react to the sound of the human voice.
My older hens are Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. My new flock consist of 2 Cochins and 3 polish. Is seems that if 1 spools they all spook.
Mine respond much better to being petted or tickled on the chest than to being picked up from above. I think their anti-raptor instinct kicks in. Some I can pick up by sliding my hand under them (think wine glass, legs hanging). Laying your hand down with a treat in your palm will encourage them to explore -- takes a little time.

It's true, though, that some respond much better than others. It's a breed thing to a point, but in the end it's an individual thing.
I think BR, Polish, and Cochins are some of the easier ones. Treats make friends. Be very patient. Try not to handle them until you have a relationship going.
The first treat I gave mine was hard boiled eggs chopped up. I used to scramble an egg, mix in a spoon of flax seed and microwave that. They loved that and would eat from my hand. Other can't miss treats are dried mealworms (happy hen treats) and sunflower seeds. Just remember treats are only part of their diet and they need most of their diet to be chick food. That said, when mine were small I had guest children and kids' leftovers became chicken treats, so they got pancakes, chopped up hot dogs, plain pasta, rice -in short, a wide variety. One of mine especially likes green things. Broccoli, asparagus, kale trimmings but also weeds and plants from the garden. Oh and snails. I give my cochin a snail and she gobbles it up- shell and all (not in one bite). I talk to them all the time too. Your chickens will like you soon.
pssssst use meal worms! if you feed them by hand they get used to it and become friendly thats what we have been doing with our sea bright babys and its been working well

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