Why Lord Whyyy??


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
LOL its not that I mind it so much but my SO is a grump.

Well a few days ago I constructed a quarantine pen for some SLW roosters I found on CL. My SO came home and I was so excited to show him I hammered a 7 ft (Im 5'2) fence post on the ground all on my own
. He kinda gave a smile and a nervous laugh while scratching the back of my head. Now I say its his own fault for never asking what it was for

Well a couple days go by and its time to pick up my roos. They are very beautiful.
He comes home and Im watching him from the window to make sure I dont need to hide somewhere..
I see him get this smile on his face.. whew!

Well 6 AM the next morning BOTH of them are crowing AT THE SAME TIME. I found it kinda neat to wake up to that. Our other roo, Jersey Giant, didnt start crowing here till after about 2 weeks so I figured 'oh by the time they are done being quarantined they will start crowing'..
Well this morning at 5:30 they are at it again. Still I dont mind but my SO jumps out of bed walks out on the porch and gives them the stink eye.

Hes a grump and a party pooper who says I need to move them NOW!

Why do they crow SO much at their new home? Are they looking for their old hens? Competeing with the rooster down the road? Whats going on?!?
LOL! i walked out on my porch last night at 2am and i heard my rooster crow, roosters crow all day long and if something wakes them up at night, they'll crow some more, and several roosters will try to outcrow each other, i love to hear them so it doesn't bother me, your SO will either have to get over it or you'll have to kick him out LOL!
You didn't accidently buy Long Crowers did you? LOL

These new boys haven't been able to assert their dominance yet, being locked up for the time being. When they get let out, they're going to do it all over again to impress the girls!

But it may be the type of Roosters they are... some of them crow, a lot. All day, too early, too late... some of them just can't get enough of the sound of their own crow.
He wants you to get rid of them totally? or just move them?

If they are in quarantine..its for a reason..you dont want your flock to be at risk...
but..if you do have another spot you can put them...then it would be nice of you to do so.
BUT...if i was EVER told i HAD to do something, and do it NOW.....
yeah..he'd be waiting a loooong time for me to comply..
*as in, i would'nt! ..* This is all he'd get..>>
He just wants me to move them. He likes their crowing..just not at 5 and 6 am. lol

I just thought roosters didnt really crow until they were comfortable with their surroundings.
But "I'm sorry" works so much better than "Can I?"!!


Roosters crow whenever they feel like it. The one I brought home today started the second I shut the cage door, then he heard the neighbor roosters start, so he kept at it. He quit about 6pm.

If you can darken the sleeping arrangements without cutting off the air flow, that's your best bet. When I had 2 wintering in the house, I covered them up like a parrot every night. Not a word until I uncovered them.

This new rooster, he gets a paper bag stapled over the top half of the screen panel that serves as a door.
I have 3 roosters that crow all day and start around 5:30 to 6 in the morning, I also have 2 pullets *red sex links* that imitate them. So, technically ~ I have 5 crowing.
When I had roosters they would crow a few times at 4:30am when my neighbor went to work and then not crow until "a decent hour". But then they would crow off and on all day. Both of them at the same time, trying to outcrow each other. LOL!

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