Why this redness?


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Jul 11, 2018
Western Pennsylvania
Both of my barred rocks have this bare redness on their chest/backends. Is this normal or not? I will post photos below. This one looks a little worse than normal because Her feathers are wet since I just had to give her a bath and cut a few feathers to get a large ball of poop off her bum.


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Apr 9, 2016
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Is this normal or not?
That is not normal. :hmm

The computer can make it hard to tell in pictures... I might see some lice type eggs on feather shaft in the bottom picture... or it could just be a bad looking sheeth. I would get a good check on everyone for external parasites, but this condition looks like more than that as root cause. Do you have other birds? How old are these ladies? When was their last eggs? What is fed on a regular basis including treats and supplements?

It looks quite swollen... resembling possible ascites (aka water belly/liver failure) or maybe Egg Yolk Peritonitis... one link to check to check..

Sometimes relief is given by draining the fluid off the abdomen, there are threads discussing it if you are going to try yourself as many of us cannot afford veterinary care but will do our best to help an animal so we can carry forward that experience to possibly help others in the future. Said animals personal comfort is always considered first and sometimes culling is the kindest thing to do. :barnie

Bacterial (secondary) infections may be treated with antibiotics if one exists and may need a vets' rx.

Are they still actively eating, drinking, and pooping? How do droppings look? Color and consistency? :sick

Rocks are some of my favorite :love, despite my hatchery ladies having had reproductive issues too early in their life span. :(

Hope they recover quickly! :fl

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