why would you Dub a chicken???


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Mar 18, 2011
Laurens SC
wht does it mean to Dub a chicken and why would you do it?? somethign about taking their wattles and combs off... why???
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Some breeds have to dubbed to be shown, at least I think. I guess it has something to do with a look that was prefered. Im sure someone who actually knows what they are talking about will be along shortly
for gamebirds: way back when cock fighting was legal, people would dub the roosters so that it wouldn't slow them down in the fight. i mean, you try fighting someone with a big sail on your head. but thankgoodness some people realized cockfighting was a cruel thing and now its illegal in most places
i don't exactly know why poultry shows still require some breeds to be dubed when they are over 1 year old to be shown.

for other breeds: some people will dub just the comb, or do the full dub to avoid forstbite in the comb, wattles, and earlobes
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Chickens are dubbed to satisfy the standard for showing or to prevent frostbite and freezing of their combs.
That sounds awfull. Kind of the way people who fight dogs cut their ears and tail really short so they don't bleed so much. Most other dog breed that cut their ears because they were bred to kill rats and snakes.
Yes, it's taking the combs and wattles off.

We have game birds. Never, would I ever fight my babies. EVER. It's illegal anyways, thankfully.

Never done it to my birds, but have bought a few that have had it done. ChickenRandomness is

totally right - They cut them in fights to prevent slowing them down. It prevents frostbite, on the

combs and wattles which

itself can cause a list of problems in the health of your bird. Ofcaorse, some shows require the bird

to be dubbed. It's the owners choice. Not somthing

anyone will be able to change, and in my own opinion - it's not cruel. Not anything like cutting the

ears of a pitbull.
You can watch it be done, and the bird will just set there usually. Just my opinion.


Nix ^ ^ ^
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My game birds when dubbed do not enjoy process but based on experience, chickens perception of pain if different than ours or at least it is much shorter lived. Thd alternative, especially in respect to frost bite, seems to bother them a great deal more.
how do I find out what breeds are supposed to be Dub'ed? I don't have to worry about frost bite or fighting....I do want in the future to show but haven't settled in on that yet figure a good year of learning and going to shows to learn more first..
also.. Do the Wattles and combs grow back, so this has to be done again? or once clipped its done..

saw some clips on you tube of them dubing roos/// hummmmmm I dont know .. their combs seam to be such a big part of their look seams a shame to remove it.


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