WIERD!! My hens were fighting like rosters! 1 YO's!


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Aug 28, 2009
Has anyone ever had two hens (I'm fairly sure because they are a year old mid this month) fight like two roosters would like for dominance?? They were all eating fallen bird seed and I was washing the eggs in the bathroom and looked out and doing the "do-see-do" around the bird feeder pole is two hens fighting in the midst of the other hens and the rooster was no where to be seen!

Is it possible that I have more roosters than I thought? I have 21 Golden Comet hens but have only been getting 18-19 eggs a day, which seemed resonable... also I HAVE noticed some hens refusing to be mounted and a few that pick on the rooster but I didn't think anything of it until today when I saw this! Someone please help me! Have you had this experience before?

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Jul 28, 2009
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My lead hen kicked my 2nd in commands butt once when the 2nd made a play for top position. So yes, hens will right out fight on occasion when it comes to pecking order issues. Of my five hens, two would NOT submit to my rooster...my lead hen and my BO. He left the lead hen alone for the most part, but the BO ended up with a bloody comb a few times (I ended up rehoming my rooster). Not all hens will submit to just any rooster. So if you think you have hens, then you most likely do have hens. They all just have different behaviors.
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Nov 9, 2007
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I have a rooster and my two top hens still get into it from time to time.
They put a rooster to shame with their fights, cuz they get mean! I also have a hen that refuses to be mated by my roo and she's low on the pecking order. He gave up on her a long time ago.

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