wife objection


9 Years
May 7, 2010
I don't mind very much, but the wife would like the hens to quit crapping all over my back porch. She's afraid to walk out the back door for stepping in a 'land mine.'

Any suggestions?
Build a barrier to keep them off of the back porch.

Keep the peace!
I had a crappy back patio when I had chickens in Colorado, but I didn't mind because that's where the earwigs were. The chickens ate them, and in exchange, they pooped on the patio. My BF at the time couldn't stand it, either. Sorry, I'm no help! Maybe you could designate a "Hen-free Zone" with fencing?
I don't have very many chickens, only 12, but when they get up on our deck, I shoo them off. When I'm gone they do they up there occasionally so I come home to chicken poo on the deck.
What I do is wait 'til it "dries" and it sweeps right off. (we don't have a hose handy). Just stick a broom out there on the deck and use it only for that.

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