wild baby pidgon (sp?) hatching-need advice

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  1. ok, this is a long story so ill try to make it short. there is an old abandoned school across the street from my house-infested with pigons (sp) I went over there to catch some for dinner but it turns out the owner chased them all away a few days ago and closed all of their entries/exits. I heard two baby birds screaming and a mom bird sitting outside the window. I opened the window, mom and babies were reunited. Then I look to my left and see two hatching babies-one dead the other freezing. I grabbed the live egg and brought it over here. hooked up my incubator and he is being warmed right now.

    my question is what to do with it when it hatches as far as food.

    also, It is crawling with mites. I need some way to get rid of them w/ out killing the baby. (it is in an outside bator with a rug over it so hopefully my house wont be crawling with them.)

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    Wow. As far as food, I have no idea. Don't pigeon mothers regurgitate for their young? How would a person be able to duplicate that of the mother?

    I hope someone more helpful comes along!
  3. Quote:I guess I could put hotdogs and such in the blender...?
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    what does (sp) meen???
  5. Quote:not shure if your spelling is right
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    I had this recipe given to me from a wildlife rehabilitator. It's complicated but it should be an excellent food for baby pigeons (I haven't tried it myself). When they get a little older you can start introducing pigeon/dove seed. As for the mites I don't know what is safe for a little one.

    Columbid Crop Milk Replacer

    MacMilk: Crop Milk Replacer Recipe

    1 jar (71 grams) strained chicken baby food
    1 hard-boiled egg yolk (16.6 grams)
    1 tablespoon low-fat yogurt (15.3 grams)
    1/4 teaspoon corn oil (1.13 grams)
    0.62 g calcium carbonate
    2 drops cod-liver oil (from gel cap)
    1 drop vitamin E (diluted 1:10 in corn oil; see notes)
    1 small pinch vitamin B complex (see notes)
    25 mg. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

    Method: Mix all ingredients in a blender. Keep the diet in the fridge,
    taking out and warming only as much as you need for one feeding.


    For birds days 1 to 3, digestive enzymes are necessary. Use Pancrezyme
    (available from vets); 1/8
    tsp per unit recipe (above). Do not use digestive enzymes from the health
    food store; they have almost no activity.
    Mix the enzyme in the food and let sit at room
    temp. for 15-30 minutes. This is crucial for neonates. Mix and use only
    what you'll need in one feeding; _discard the remainder_.

    Vitamins: Vitamin E, as purchased, is too potent for what is required in
    this diet. Mix one drop of vitamin E (from a 400 IU/ capsule)
    with 10 drops of corn oil. Shake or stir well. Then, use 1 drop of the
    diluted vitamin E in the recipe. The remainder can be kept in an airtight
    container and stored in a cool, dark place. It can be used over the next few
    days. Because vitamin E degrades, it will have to be mixed fresh
    after a few days, so don't make too much at once. The amount of B complex
    is too small to weigh on a gram scale. The amount required for this recipe
    is a pinch the size of one or two sesame seeds.

    Day Four and Later:
    Use crop milk replacer for at least
    the first week of life, and begin to gradually mix in other foods over a
    period of the next two weeks. During the first days of new additions, the
    baby bird
    will not yet be digesting all the carbohydrates, and the high-protein food
    is still needed for growth and feathering, thus a gradual changeover is
    necessary. Good choices might be Kaytee Exact handrearing formula with
    gradual additions of foods like mixed-cereal pablum with an added tablespoon
    of strained baby food corn.

    Copyright Astrid MacLeod and Janine Perlman, 2001.

    If this is too much for you, you can pick up a can of puppy food. Make little cigars out of it and once it gets the idea it will gape for you and you can pop them down the throat. It will get you by, but isn't nutritionally ideal
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    Check this out.
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    show us pics if it hatches!!!
  9. Quote:will do! i can get some pics in the morning (my mom is at work late and when she sees i have a partially hatched, mite infested pigon, she is gonna be soooo ticked.. te hee
  10. Quote:Thank you! this is really helpful!

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