Will a 4x8 shed blow over if it is 7 feet tall?

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    So that's the question... what are the chances of a 7 foot tall coop that sits on only a 4x8 base blowing over in a wind storm? Granted, I live in the PNW, this coop will be in WA, so no tornados or hurcianes, just a big gust or two every 3-5 years that is big enough to knock over trees and take power lines out. Would a 4x6 base be better?

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    Well i would say that depends on how much of an open area is it in? My coop which is a 6x6 footprint and about 7ft high to peak of roof and not attached to the ground (nor the roof even attached) in any way survived the bad storm we had this week with at least 40 mph winds..but it is set back in amongst a sheltered area of other trees for shade [​IMG]
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    My kids HEAVY wooden swingset with fort has managed to blow over our fence. I am in windy Oklahoma. Storms here winds are 40-65 mph --- and a major storm up to 90 mph. I know everyone's weather is different. Does any of the neighbors have tree houses? Think of your coop as a treehouse for the chickens. I would still anchor the best way you can.
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    We don't have neighbors that aren't car dealers or zero lot line pancake houses so it is hard to look at their places for suggestions. We do have 2 of our own metal sheds that are 10x12 that sit on a wood frame on blocks that have never gone anywhere, but they are usually full of wood or junk when bad weather rolls in so can't just fly off. The 4x4x5 that sits freely on a pallet also has not moved, but that one is next to the house. My biggest worry is that 4x8 is so much more sail like than 10x12 or a 4x4x5....

    I think I may make a 6x8 as that feels less sail like than a 4x8... decisions decisions. Perhaps I should find a way to make the base heavier. Cementing into the ground or digging into it probably isn't going to fly, but perhaps I can tie down the shed some how to make it less prone to tipping.

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