Will calls raise predator threat?


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
I am debating on whether or not to get calls. I already have 6 chickens and 1 pekin duck. If I did get 2 call ducks, they would be housed in a separate pen with the pekin across the yard from the chicken coop/run. The chickens free range too.
So.....Will the calls attract more predators and bring attention to the chickens more then the pekin?
in the 4 years ive had call ducks we have had the same number of attacks so id say no calls wont attract preditors. but if your still worried then id suggest getting 2 drakes instead if any females, since the drakes do not call. if you keep them cooped up thell be safe but the coop needs a roof because they can fly like pros. they do though, start to call when danger is about. they go off when any coyotes get curios so i know when to go out and chase them away.good luck
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I honestly do not know anything about ducks but if you want to get Calls get them and buy 1 or 2 Guineas. People call Guineas "watch dogs" because if there is any kind of danger they will make a loud noise to let you know.
I wish I could answer that.
When my hens get all wound up, I TELL them they're going to call in all of the predators, though.

If you just want Calls for pets, I agree, get 2 drakes-they're really quiet.

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