Will My New 2 Yr Old Cochin Hen Stop Pecking My Three-Month Pullets?


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May 12, 2012
Carrollton, GA
Got a 2-yr old white Cochin hen to add to my flock of three-month old hens (Silkies, Frizzles and an Ameraucana). She pecks them--HARD. Will this stop once she's used to her new environment, or did I make a mistake by adding her? :/
I would watch her very carefully .. until your young chicks are stronger and larger to defend them selves. I have a strung divider that I often keep new additions on one side and the others on the other side . I feel I have less fighting once they get integrated together as they get used to each other through the wire. But That's just my feelings lol And I am a little Chicken crazy .. If she keeps pecking aggressively I would separate them for another month or two until your 3 month olds are more mature to defend them selves. It is often just the pecking order where she is telling them I am bigger and stronger and you should know this right now :)
If you have enough space, she is not drawing blood, and the younger birds are still being allowed to eat and drink - they will work things out. If not, separate her until until the young birds mature.
No blood (just feather plucking occasionally), and everybody still eats and drinks (though just ot while SHE is sometimes), so maybe all will be well. Thanks for the advice.
Chicken society (the pecking order) can be pretty harsh until things get organized. Sounds as if things are going to be OK.

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