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Apr 25, 2011
My 2 month old americanas will not roost on the 2 by 3 I have for them. I have one a out 18 in. off the floor and there staggered from there. For 2 nights I have sat them on the roost but they just fly down and roost by a small corner window where my dog sits and drools. I have a large window in front of their roosting poles also. What should I do?
I went through this with mine. I finally gave up placing them on the roost. I posted on here asking for suggestions and everyone told me to just wait & they will do it on their own. When they were 12 wks old ( their 14wks now ) I went in & placed them on the roost one evening and it worked!!!! They have roosted every night on their own since.

Good luck!!!
My Red Stars would not roost when I got them at 3 months. They did try to sleep in nest box, so I had to block that off at night. I left to to figure it out on their own. They started roosting around 14-15 weeks and laying at 16-17 weeks.
My friend's americanas would not roost for several months. I've had some breeds take longer than others. I have two silkies that still refuse to roost. Most all the chickens figure it out eventually.
I put my 12 week old Production Red gang out in their permanent coop about 2 weeks ago and they have yet to roost or even leave a tell tale sign on the roost. It is made of 2 x 4's turned where they would sit on the 4" side and out from the wall at about a 45 degree angle with a good width between each roost board. }}}}Sigh}}}}

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