Will Rhode Island Reds be ok with others?

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    May 17, 2011
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    Hi there,

    We have 2 3 week old Buff Orpington chicks and 2 2 week old Barred Rock chicks. We are planning on getting 2 Rhode Island Red chicks in another 3 weeks. By then, the Buff Orpingtons should be about ready to go out in the coop, but the Barred Rocks will probably still need a little longer in the brooder. My question is about the temperment of the Rhode Island Reds. I have heard mixed things from they are very aggressive and will go after the Orpingtons, to they are docile and will be fine. I will be able to put a divider in the brooder if necessary, but overall, should they be ok together?


  2. sourland

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    There are wide variations of temperments within all breeds. They will be younger than your other chickens. That in and of itself should put them on the bottom of the pecking order. I think they will work out fine for you.
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    They should definitely be fine. [​IMG] We have a RIR rooster, two RIR hens, two buff orpingtons, and many others and they all get along great. The rooster is sweet and so are his hens. RIR hens are nice with the roosters only having a tendency to be mean. You shouldn't have any problems. Enjoy your chickens! And [​IMG]
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    I have a RIR that lives with the rest of my chickens just fine. It's the age difference you'll have to keep an eye on.
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    Typically, unless you are speaking of Leghorns, breed doesn't matter so they should be fine.

    Wait until they are old enough to defend themselves, though. Roughly the same size as the others. Pecking order usually starts around 6 weeks of age. I have seen it a little younger in the brooder.
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