Will they be safe?

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    Hello!! I have a small flock, just three hens, no roosters. An orpington, a d'cuccle, and a silkie bantam. My bother just brought over some of his fertilized eggs for my silkie to sit on and hatch. She goes broody a lot, and is currently broody. This is our first time trying this out. My main concern and question is, will the baby chicks be safe after they hatch? Do I need to get them out of the coop right away after they have hatched? Will my other two hens in the flock attack the babies?
    I wasn't sure if instincts would make everything be ok, or if the girls will know what's up since there is no rooster and my silkie did not lay the eggs.
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    Just leave chicks with silkie mom and let nature do its best. Silkie doesn't know its not her eggs. These chickens don't graduate Harvard or even get a GED. She will protect hes new born. Remember that when they go broody, they are motherly, and protective. No rooster means no trouble maker. I know there are peeps that differ with that opinion. I would make a secluded partition in your coop to give silkie privacy as well as a good nest. Have water and food near her so she does not leave nest for long. HOPE ALL WORKS WELL FOR YOU. Remember that life is a learning endeavor. If it doesn't work first time, then try again!!!
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    In my experience most hens make good mothers, but there is always the odd one that will slip up. The only way to find out would be to give her a chance and see how she does. What the rest of the flock will make of the babies, only time will tell. I've had a previous flock attack and kill new chicks, but that is an exception, most of my broodies hatched and raised chicks in with the flock with no issues at all.

    Best of luck with the hatch!
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