Will two emu stay on my property?


9 Years
Mar 6, 2015
Batson, Texas
I have 9 acres in the country (no close neighbors) with fencing to keep my horses in. An emu would be able to slip right thru the fenced off area where we pasture our horses. We generally leave the gate to our place open all the time. Would the emu stay home? We have plenty of room for them, but I'm worried they would venture off. I have free range chickens who never leave. They are cooped up at night, but roam free during the day. Will an emu become territorial like that? I've never had emu before. I've been offered two chicks. I've already learned a great deal about emu just from the forum posts. Thank you.
Thank you so very much. This info is very helpful. I may just pass on the offer of the birds. In the event I do take the emu I will certinally make a containment for them. The birds have not hatched yet, so I have time to prepare.
What an interesting question!

Among (tame-)wild emus, it's a case of 50-50: emus are territorial in a range of situations; but they also luuuuurv to wander -- and I mean hundreds and even thousands of kilometres.

But the over-riding issue is a no-brainer: while away from their enclosure, they are at risk of predators, including, whatchamacallit . . . people.
This joey and its mum come into my backyard:


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