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Aug 14, 2017
Hi guys. I plan to build a ground level chicken coop with the side that is not 100% sealed. Will only cover it with tarpaulin when putting small chicks in it to prevent wind/draft. But if i were to cover it then the oxygen level is most likely to drop and the ventilation might be not so ideal. However, if i were to uncover it and the wind might "attack" the chicks. Please gimme some advice ... hohoho...
Do you have a drawing (with approximate measurements) or a photo of the sort of set up you have planned? Also what is your climate like? A little breeze won't hurt your chickens, but you want to plan around your climate and direction of winds and storm.

My current coop is open on 3 sides and we use plastic panels to cover up about 50% of it during winter/heavy storms, but there's always ventilation left open, even with snow. The coop I'm having built will have windows that can close but also roof, gable, floor vents, and my intent is to only close the windows next to the roost during winter weather, so air flow will continue without blasting the roost area (the roost is also being situated against the one windowless wall, in the direction of the prevailing winds.)
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