Wing clipping,yes or no?


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I started with 10 pullets. 8 BR, a RIR and one black sex link. 5 are 8 months and 5 are 7 months.
They were a healthy flock, the first 5 started laying in August and the next have started laying in September, except Thelma and Louise.
They were a little behind and were not part of the "in" crowd. They started exploring beyond the yard, flying ever the fence. They always came back in the evening and never ventured far. Then one day Thelma meet a dog and I found her body next to the gate. Louise has not taken it well, she wanders by herself and the last few days she has left the yard and does not come back at night, she only comes back during the day for food and then leaves again.
I have locked up the flock in their small yard and noticed that Louise is bullied by the other chickens quite a bit. I was planning on clipping her wings before I let them out again.
Should I leave them in the yard together for a few day to get them to work out their pecking order again or am I just torturing her? will clipping her wings keep her in the yard?
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Same here. My cochins are too fat and lazy to try to fly. The hybrid layers are another story. Yet my EE roo has never tried to escape and he's still scrawny with full wings.
I just clipped her and she cant fly the coop anymore!

She is not happy however and is desperately trying to find a hole in the fence. I had to go with both wings, she could make it over with one.
Thanks for the advice.
If the coop is four feet short or under, they'll be able to fly anyway. If not, yes, I would, especially after that dog incident.
We have a 6 ft tall dog kennel that is a bit over grown, Iwas thinking of putting the chickens in it to do some weed control, do I need to worry about a top on it or will they stay put? They will only be in there during the day on weekends so i can be near to keep an eye on them. We have RIR, Buff Orps and Black Australorps.

She got out anyway and we had not seen hide nor feather of her for over a week, we assumed she was dead.

She came back today!

I don't know were she has been, she seems just fine. The other chickens are reluctant to let her back in the flock. I am planning on keeping them in the small run until I know she will stick around and maybe fatten her up.
Is it possible that she has been living with the pheasants or turkeys? Can they cross breed successfully in the wild? Could she have a nest of eggs out there somewhere?

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