Winter election: Flock President

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Hello everyone!

A few of my friends and I saw the thread about electing a quail, so we decided to do an election with chickens!

Submit a picture of your chicken and tell us a little bit about him or her. I will pick two chickens on December 8th (4 days) and start a new thread for voting.

Thank you and have fun!

( @RoosterWhisperer @Lacy Duckwing @Starburst @Misfits Farm 92 @chicken3fly ) Invite your friends!

Edit: sorry, no chicks allowed
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Here's Rocky:


Rocky is a Golden Comet hen. She's my current favorite chicken. She's a fast learner. She will come when called by name. She's friends with my Speckled Sussex Jewels. She's a lot of fun, she likes to play games like try to get the feather that I'm trilling around for her to try to catch. She does sometimes pick on Maisy for fun, but it usually ends with Maisy chasing her.
Rocky loves furniture, especially couches. Here is another picture of her sometime after I got her. She's on my brown rocker.


Now just a random question: Does the chicken have to be a queen? If so, I can bring Aundria over here.... but Aundria might not be doing well... so does that matter too? Does the chicken have to be in good health condition, too? Rocky is second to last in her pecking order if that matters.

Introducing Honey! Honey is a sweet, and oh-so-adorable hen! She is funny, but is still mature. Honey is very intelligent, tuned to the call "Chook chook chook chookies" She will run over (super fast) to report. Honey is definitely a great candidate, and will work wonders for her country. :)
Honey's Message:

"Hello everyone. I'm Honey. Let me just say something: roosters don't always rule the roost. Oh, no. Hens be heard! We are the givers of light, hope and love. When I was a chick, my toes and nails were deformed. That never stopped me. I pushed onwards, adapting to the unique part of myself. I promise to be honest, reliable, and tell you the facts. Not what you just want to hear, but the truth. I will put my foot down to any rivals and show everyone that I am Honey. And I will guide us to safety".
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