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Aug 8, 2013
I have a 6 month old pekin drake, and I'm curious to how he'll do in the winter. His pen is outside and he has a large cardboard box to go into, (wrapped in plastic to keep it from rotting) but I don't know if that'll be enough shelter for him when the snow comes in. Do pekin ducks do fine in the winter or will I need to find a way to keep him warm. Also, how do I keep his pond from freezing up?
Since he is solo, I would get him into a shelter - if only for the winter - that stays 40F or a little warmer. My ducks sleep in their own room in our walkout basement, on shavings. It doesn't get below 40 in there. And they can walk right outside in the morning, or stay inside during really nasty weather, since we have a big window down there. It's pretty nice, in my opinion.

If it stays below freezing where you are, look into a heated watering bowl for larger animals, or figure out how to port very warm water to the pond. Uhm, how big is this pond? In fact, just switch over to a kiddie pool or something smaller for him.
Sometimes it gets below freezing, but not all the time. I'm thinking about putting him his old brooder pen that's in the garage for at lest the really bad weather. There's not much space for him in there and he makes such a mess that I won't be able to keep him there all winter, probably not even a full day but instead for cold nights. So I'm still looking for shelter options.
For a pond, I just have a car top carrier. Since it's made of plastic I'm afraid that it might crack when I try to get the ice out and put water in every day. Does he need to be able to swim? I can manage a water bowl that he can drink from and clean his bill in, but if he has to be able to swim I don't know what I'd do.
I empty the concrete mixing pan in the afternoon. Then it does not freeze overnight, and I fill it in the morning. That way, I don't have to bust up ice, and they have fresh water for bathing and exercise.

Also, put clean bedding out in an area so he can keep his feet off the cold ground. Makes a big difference.
Ok, I will. Thanks again, you've been most helpful.
I have a different question about winter... I have 10 Khakis, in a nice little house that they should do fine in- partially insulated, deep litter, ventilation windows are higher than their heads, etc. They put themselves to bed at dusk, and I let them out at 9am. I don't give them water or food at night so the litter stays dry and warm. But with the shorter days, they will probably be putting themselves to bed earlier and spending much longer without water. Do I need to start letting them out earlier? Getting up at 5:30 in the morning won't be fun, but I guess I can do it if I have to.
I don't think it'll be that much of a problem if they have food and water throughout the rest of the day. My duck has food and water in his bed pen (where I put him at night) so I don't really know how they'll do without it. But my dog goes all night without food and water, and I don't let her out till around 11 and she's perfectly fine. I know dogs and ducks aren't at all the same, but I don't think the few extra hours will harm them at all. As long as they have food and water throughout the day they should be just fine.

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