Wire Wrap and Weave Jewelry


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I've gradually been loosing weight since last fall, end of October gave up bread (ugh!), rice, potatoes and sugar (double ugh!) and so far am down around 15#. Could use another 20 or so. Timing could have been better, Thanksgiving and Christmas are 2 of my favorite eating events! Fruits and vegetables stay on the menu, all you can eat.

I really thing giving up sugar has helped tremendously with sleeping (no more night sweats) and my joints, which seldom ache anymore. And if I do binge a little, I pay for it the next day, so that helps keep me honest.


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To get back on track, I love your jewelry! You probably already know this, but if you have an etsy or ebay store you might advertise to the Wicca folks. I know they use crystals and stones for all sorts of things.
I have looked in to it... While I used to belong to metaphysical groups I never Hung around Wicca people that I knew of.... All my things are custom to a point... I dont have a store of any kind... Just word of mouth and here.

What I want is a Webpage of my own eventually.... Once I develop a couple of lines.

I do love making tree of life either over a stone or just as a wire scupture and hanging.

I am working on a version for the equestrian folks.... Where I have a big connection with like minded people. I also have a place where I could sell them on Consignment.

As well as larger versions designed for hanging in a window to catch the light... With refracting Crystal hangings.

If I dont have Variety I go stale pretty quickly.... About sixteen hours worth of work is my limit.

I cant tool up this kind of work.... either... Prefabricate using tooling then set the stone and finish it. Tooling marks show big time and to me look unprofessional.

Though I can preweave the baskets by hand then choose a stone later... hmmm now there is a thought.. i can keep the baskets in a glass Cigar holder or bracelet case...
Id have to finish off the weave before storing them...

Couldn't do this with brass or copper or Silver thought They are constantly achieving patina... But I could do it with the enameled wire...

Thanks for letting me think this out in your response.

Bottom line is Yes I will reach out to whom ever I think may enjoy my work... Marketing I have no problems with... San Diego is full of Crystal shops for metaphysical people of all types... Most take consignments which are good advertising for a website....

There is also a Stone and Silver meaning Lapadary and Silversmithing Clubs and organizations which I need to sign up for membership.... They have sales and classes and Resources for materials. If I swing towards some silver smithing. Small stuff I want to be able to create a bezel or foundation for a stone for weaving later. And access to equipment for rental.... I used to do Lost wax and would also love to incorporate that into weaving.

Thank you

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