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    Feb 5, 2012
    Necedah, Wi
    lol Nah I'm gonna wait until I hatch something. :) I'm thining Guineas maybe I still need to decide. I've been looking all on here, CL, and ebay this morning lol.

    Oh but I am going back Monday to get 3 mallards lol for Kevin.
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  2. Apyl

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    Feb 5, 2012
    Necedah, Wi
    Good Morning. I went out and fed and watered the chicks and they went to run outside lol but its raining so they stopped dead in their tracks and turned around lol. Poor things were peeping like crazy when I shut them back up. The Pekin is starting to get a "quack" :) soo cute. Its like half peep and half quack. I am sooo crossing my fingers its a girl.

    Carol - cute chicks and chickens
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    Jun 15, 2010
    Big Bend, WI

    Gooodmorning everyone!

    Joe) your right, you should get a good jump on the season! I think I may plant some spring stuff too this weekend, as I can't resist. Carrots,radishes,sugar snaps, lettuce, pok choy, spinach, etc...

    We go and look at 2 houses for sure on Sunday, one being the house we love. I wanted to see two others just to keep our options open. One has an accepted offer, so we cant view it. The other we will view, but I found another one also and may ask to go see it. That one is cheaper, has more acres, but no big beautiful barn. Hrm.

    In other news I still don't have a kitchen nor a shower, and I'm starting to stink! Haha, just kidding. We are able to take baths as long as we are careful.

    TO) tommy is sooooo cute! Glad you found him!
  4. Hens and Roos

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI
    Morning :)

    Sunny has started to come out here this am maybe the rain is done.

    Grass is sure starting to green up here, DH and I were looking at that this am, looks like we will have to switch out the snow equipment for the lawn equipment or atleast unhook the snow blower and leave it sit on the garage floor just in case.

    The chicken runs are sure muddy, thinking about putting a layeer of sand in each one to help. Once the runs get muddy the bedding inside get muddy and so do the birds!

    mazojoe- I was able to get some pictures of the Blue Andalusian babies and will get those posted, have to reload my photo program as we switched computers. I'm hoping that I remember where I put the program :) Things always seem to run away and hide!!!

    Off to look for the program and get some paper work done.
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    Good morning! Yes H&R the sun is trying to appear...I too was amazed as I look out my NOrth window into our "woods." It is all GREEN! So weird to see in March! The air is cool coming in the window but feels good. Tommy is on the windowsill and crowing now in my ear! He has very good hearing cause he crows every time he hears a roo outside...they are still locked in the coop too! I can barely hear them at all--and now I cant hear anything cause he is SO LOUD! [​IMG]Thanks for all the concern about him BTW...and no FT he doesnt have a GF in the house with him...I am keeping him celibate for now. I do have a wife picked out but I have to find a place to keep them cause she is in with the layers right now.
    WiChCh--the Jaerhons are looking pretty nice! I hope you get a bunch to sell. Did you score at the hay auction? I have neer actually been to one myself...
    Oh yes...the sky is getting BLUE! I am very happy...I thought for a minute that I would have to stay inside today and clean. [​IMG] So glad I dont have to do that!
    DH got home from the Bucks game at 1:30 in the morning...all I could hear was him swearing...he apparently stepped in dog poo on his way upstairs. I had to stifle my giggles! He is so melodramatic...I could do without the cursing though. Like that helps any! He says my computer would cost more to fix than getting a new one...so I guess i will be in the "new computer club" with H&R and Jim. I hate that cause I have so much on that one that needs to be transfered over...and then I wont be able to find it when I want it either...or I will forget some key piece of information--more likely DH will say, "you dont need that! It's just taking up space" *SIGH*

    So I think I will head out with what remains of my hearing...this birdie needs to go outside! I dont think I will take Eli and the twins out unless it gets warmer...pretty damp out there still. Good and muddy I am sure. Speaking of...the county was trimming trees down the road and I stopped and asked if they could dump the wood chips in my driveway..."nope--we have to take them and dump them at the yard. If you want them you have to come and get them with your truck. New regulations--sorry." So much for saving fuel...mine AND the County's (also mine!)

    Oh yeah, thanks FT about the egg regs! She sent me the statute for the county and it did mention a license for WI and a permit from the county...maybe they are in with all the factory egg farms around here? There are two right in my town! I guess I will be making a BIGGER egg sign. Time to give some away again...my counters are full of ice cream pails with eggs in them! I wonder if the food pantry would accept them? Either that or I will smash them up and feed them back to the chickens...always an option!

    I am rambling...dont want to head outside! I need a kick in the butt today for sure. Tommy must be reading over my shoulder, he just jumped down like he is ready to MOVE! LOL!
    Have a fantastic day everyone! TErri O
  6. MustLoveHens

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Albion, Wisconsin
    Morning Everyone!
    *sigh* It's only a little after 9:30 as I'm typing this and I have already had a day that I really want a do over card for.
    While the Girls are fine and Ben and Co really don't know why they have to live with those strange looking creatures that just stare at them, I have been dealing with a rabbit tragedy. So my new buck and doe are in quarentine around the corner for the rest of the heard. No problem. While last night it rained, the cover I use for the newbie rabbits blew back and their little food hoppers got wet. Well Shoooot. So, I cleaned out the wet food gave them fresh food and thought to myself that I should cover the top of the hoppers carefully with a little foil to help prevent wet food should it happen again. Good plan that went horribly wrong. As I was coming around the corner to the bucks cage, I must have made the foil crinkled or I just plain startled him and he freaked out. I mean full on freak. He ran into the corner of his cage and I heard "CRACK!". [email protected]! Yep. He broke his back. So not having DH home since he is an important meeting with his Big Boss and not knowing where he put the rabbit do in device, I took the buck to the vet to have them put him down.[​IMG] I could not let him suffer. So my Silver Fox is now in Bunny Heaven. That just sucks! I've wanted a SF ever since I started down the meat rabbit road. The saddest part for was his age...he was only 5 months old!
    Ah well, I guess it was just not meant to be. *sigh*

    On a good note, I did set 50 of the quail eggs and I will set the rest for the Foolish Hatch. So 23 days from now I should have some baby quail...[​IMG]

    TO-Congrats on getting Tommy back!! WTG!! Yeah I don't htink I'd be much help at Big Coop Cleaning time! I think we'd find every excuse not to clean it by talking chicken and riding horses...I'll come over an supervise though!! LOL!!!!

    WCc-Super cute chicks. I got my first Gold Stars from TSC and they are great hens! Lay like the dickens and are just too fun. Midge the seminar hen is a TSC Gold Start or Amberlink or what ever they call them! Thanks for the offer on the coop cleaning! That is amazingly sweet of you!

    FT-I had the same though when I saw Tiki had ordered Dandelion seeds. If I had know she wanted them I'd would have sent her as many as she wanted for free!! I have a yard full of those suckers. Actually most of my yard is one huge dandelion patch.
    My 89 year old neighbor Cliff reminds me every spring to make sure I mow my lawn before the dandelions seed. I get instructed on the "proper" way to mow, making sure to mow when the little yellow flowers first come up. [​IMG]. If I took his advise, I'd have to mow almost every day! I hate dandelions as cheerful as the look.

    Apyl-Congrats on the new bator! Have fun!! I have an LG. It's not a bag little bator for the price.

    Well, I've got laundry to do....and get BTB off the air conditioner and out of the window....again.....
  7. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
    SE Wis
    I'd give you a kick if only I could, Terri. [​IMG] Just a friendly "get-your-butt-moving" kind of kick. [​IMG] Now Bigfam, on the other hand................ [​IMG]

    I sure hope that blue sky makes it here soon. Very dreary looking around here. [​IMG]

    Oh MLH, that is soooooooooo sad! I am so sorry. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    MLH That is terrible news. Poor poor bunny. You did the right thing by putting him out of his misery and not waiting for DH to get home.

    Another example of where are they when you need them most !!!

    MLH maybe make dandelion wine ?? LOL Tell the old guy you need to pick them by hand because you want just the flowers !!! Ask for his help too as long as you are at it.

    Having coffee [​IMG] and still trying to recover from my road trip. Don't know if this vegitated state of mind will ever go away !!

    Back to reading and check out CL. Think I am going to look for some igloo dog houses for the geese to hide in or maybe lay their eggs in. If I stager them around their yard maybe they will use them, maybe not !!!
  9. raimnel

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    :sigh: today makes it tuff to get moving. But I guess I better move. gotta take grandma (in law) to look at an apartment that she doesn't want to rent cause she "hates half the people who live there!" sigh! some times I wish my MIL was still alive so she could deal with her mother! lol she (grandma) has a son but.... ya I ain't got nothing nice to say... lol
    later all
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    Jan 1, 2008
    Hope everyone is doing well this morning/afternoon. Its cloudt but nice out. The grass is growing.
    Sorry about the loss of your SF buck[​IMG] MLH.
    CC your so funny.[​IMG] Yup bumper crop of dandelions expected this year. You too FT!!!

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