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    I think you need to toast the newlyweds! And since Tommy's your drinking buddy, it's only fair he gets to take part in the toast as well. :-D
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    Mar 12, 2012
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    How do you store them? Last summer was our first for growing potatoes and carrots and we were not successful at storage. I took advantage of the moist earth today and cleaned out part of the herb garden and planted stuff. I planted cilantro, dill, thyme, parsley, basil, sage, oregano, and rosemary. In my indoor pots I've got celery, watermelon, tatsoi and lettuces started pretty well. Still waiting on my spinach, tomatoes and peppers to come up. I just reseeded them cause the first batch didn't come up at all.
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    Hey EL--if you want those to come up you should put a clear cover over where you planted the seeds. Those herbs need REALLY warm soil to germinate. THe lettuce and spinach you could have planted directly out in the garden...they dont do so well as a transplant and LOVE this cool weather! I actually planted my lettuce a week ago and it was up by Wednesday! I couldnt believe that it sprouted that quickly. If we dont get a hard freeze again I think it will be a banner year for gardeners!
    I dont know how BIgz stores his carrots but I think you store them in damp sand or sawdust? I will look in my handy book....BRB! Yup--that is what it says...a layer of sawdust, then carrots then sawdust. Or you can keep them right in the garden with layers of mulch on top so they dont freeze down. (I dont think I would try that in some of OUR winters though! It says get the late carrots in storage in October.

    So after I cleaned eggs today I ended up with 21 dozen! I just got back from driving around our neighborhood and giving away eggs! This is about the only way I actually see my neighbors! SO I had some nice conversation with them...who knows, maybe they will stop over some time and actually BUY eggs...
    Well I think I oughta run the vacuum...it is kind of hairy in here....oh and Bigz...sorry you have to beg :( Terri O
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    Dan -
    Thanks for the pix! As a matter of fact, thanks to EVERYONE who posts pix! This visual person loves them! -Especially of toothless cats clearing daydreaming about what it would do to foreground chickens if it could...

    TO -
    Thanks for the gardening tips! Valuable to this novice gardener!
    Well heck if I'd have known you sometimes resort to cajoling neighbors into taking eggs, I wouldn't have bought the last two dozen "free range" (emphasis on the quotation marks) eggs from Copps! It's a 10 minutes trip to Lake Mills for me, if that! When we're done with the last dozen I'll ask if you have any I could buy. Golly, would you consider giving me a tour of your set-up too? That would be so cool![​IMG]
    It has been the last seven years that I've been looking for a local to buy eggs from. Some sellers have come and gone. Some don't answer the door. Ever. [​IMG]
    One is half way to Columbus. So how much money am I spending just driving there for some eggs, right? One is in Pewaukee where I buy whenever I get my haircut out there. -cool! that covers us at least 3 times a year! [​IMG]
    What I'm saying is until we get some chickies in residence who are producing my family and I will VERY happily frequent your establishment! [​IMG]I can't tell you how thrilled we'd be!

    BigFam -
    Since my coop floor space will be 4x4 I'm thinking of putting that PDZ right on the floor for the warmer months. From the info on the thread, it sounds like it'd be fine!

    Be well y'all!
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    TO the chicks are marans, blue black, black,,,the partridge (bare legs right now) are a birchen* marans roo over a olive egger which was a Blk Marans roo over a Wheaton Americana,,,,,this came from my friend just one of his projects,,,in theory this pullet should lay very dark olive eggs,,,,we'll see.

    I have often stored carrots and parsnips under mulch in the garden, even in the worst years it worked great,,,that also really helps bring the brix count up,,,,nummy sweet

    taters always in the coolest corner of the basement in an insulated box for me,,,,just ran out a couple weeks ago

    bbl,,,,,, venie loin and cheese/garlic twice baked,,,fresh spinach salad (with BACON dressing)from the gh
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    Dec 6, 2009
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    Evening everyone [​IMG] boy what a busy day here, I'm ready to put my feet up and relax [​IMG] Clean all our pens this am before the kids had to be taken to various activities. DH and DD had softball practice- DH is coaching again for her team, she is trying out the pitching position this year and apperantly was doing very well according to the pitching coach. This is her first time trying for pitching, last year she was catcher-but she has knee problems and it was a struggle the last 2 years. DS(10) had soccer practice and seemed to enjoy it, he has some friends that are playing too. DS(6) had a cloverbud discovery day so he was able to take part in fun activities and they had pizza at the end.

    After DH was done with practice he had to run to the far west side of Madison to deal with 2 water leaks at a place. Was able to fix those.

    SO we are just now sitting down to dinner.

    Mazojoe- as promised here are the pictures of our Blue Andalusian chicks, we have a cockeral and pullet that are 2.75 months old and there is a cockeral and pullet that are 1.5 months old.

    Cockeral-2.75 months old

    Pullet-2.75 months old

    Cockeral- 1.5 months old

    Pullet- 1.5 months old

    Andalusian chicks that are 1.5 months old
    the splash is a cockeral, the dark blue in the center is a pullet, the blue is a cockeral.

    hope that helps you out.

    Very nice pictures that everyone has been sharing!
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    please insert Black after every color in the marans description above,,,,,[​IMG]

    Teri,,,,see how easy it can be to find customers ,,,heh heh
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    Whew! EL [​IMG] Got the weed barrier down today and was thinking about plantin! Somethin. Cool 8yr old wantin a weasie cap! Short tailed weasels? TO I haven't asked Donny anything about the big D I just let him talk and manage to make him laugh quite a bit. We are cut from the same cloth. [​IMG] That's scarey but I'm glad I can make him laugh! A lot! I know that he comes here just for an outlet and am glad that I can give him some solace and reassurance that it's gonna be OK! Today he showed up around 7:30 and that's a little early for him then when I saw him walk in with his left hand held out in a weird position I said JC do you miss her that much? [​IMG] Turns out the 1800 lb red angus bull that he has in the barn tried to take a walk through the 2x6s and one snapped and threw him against an inside corner and it screwed up his shoulder, knocked his glasses off and put him on the barn floor. Nice welt on his face too! Not his bull and think it will be gone soon. Told him some time ago that if he was gonna do ANYTHING with him to call me first! He's too big to even be around especialy alone. One handsome SOB ...... Not Donny, the bull. Didn't help that there are 2 heifers in heat in the pasture. Need to spend more time with him to get him through... been there. BFF called a bit ago to tell me that him and Fred [Emily] went to an early crappie fishin spot and she caught [with a little help] a 27" walleye he got a pic so I'll share later. She's 7. That' so cool! Bigz L found out the other day that she now likes sauerkraut had to rearrange the garden layout. [​IMG] Gonna get some use outta my crocks this year! [​IMG][​IMG] On a bad note think the tranny on 6 yr old mower is shot. $ 800 in parts ? on labor. FT throw those GPS's away and get a map. Arkdale is my back yard! Dan did you happen to get eggs from TO? Those look awfully familiar! Waitin for a sunny day to post more of the same.
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    Hey everyone just checking in.....I haven't been on in a while, my internet is aweful lately, and we have been busy cleaning while we have good weather and before it starts raining for days at a time.
    It's a bit damp out there these past 2 days but we cleaned in the barn, and dusted some more for these filthy mites.....arggggggg I'm about to pull my hair out with these things, just when I think they are gone...... I pick up Fred and see they are not!!!!!!! seems my sparrows give em back faster than I can kill them. Mostly just my roosters, though before last dust I did see a few on my girls too.
    I'm also waiting on babies to hatch, I set 9 eggs on March 5th, and Locked em down yesterday, I have a post up for some of my many questions in the hatching thread if anyone would be kind enough to help me out, I'm so worried they aren't gonna hatch.................. first time hatching mommy.....here.heres a link
    So keep the pictures coming ya all I will post baby pictures if they hatch................... have a great night all .Kim
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    Man, miss a day and a half and you pay for it!

    Sorry for the bunny loss......

    Just been busy working. Not much else going on here, and since I am operating on 4 hours sleep too tired to type much. ;)

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