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  1. Terri O

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    I think those Moderns were waiting for some Sherry! They do not like to be handed at all...not like these grown ups that are happy sleeping on my chair arm and taking the occasional pet...oh yeah, and when I get a new glass of sherry Tommy is right there at attention...I wonder if chickens get hang overs?
  2. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Central WI
    Just finished reading the Hunger Games set. Great books! That Katniss is sooooo much better that that whiny Bella Swan! Taking the girls to see the movie tomorrow. They are so excited about it, have talked non-stop about going for days.

    Sleep seems to evade me, I suppose I will have to crash at the normal 11 hour, even on almost no sleep....

    Yesterday we celebrated the 50th birthday of a friend who also happens to be a member of the Jazz band my sister sings in. Since the group was performing locally we packed up the whole fam and took his favorite cake out to him (my carrot cake recipe). It was an enjoyable evening to be able to sit and enjoy live music and listen to my sis belt out songs like New York New York, Crazy, and the like. My ex night manager came out to photograph her as well (he is the one who took the trash the dress pics for us). So I ended up having a very late night and then up at 4:30 for a VERY busy day at work.

    Since our picket fence has seen better days, my DH replaced the whole thing on Thursday. We were hoping the pickets would be just a little closer together so those ducks would have their little field trips curtailed...... no such luck. I better get my netting up around the yard soon so we can allow them to free range during the day without watching them every second.

    Tatters, are you going to the bash? I would love to talk soap with you, I could bring some of mine with me as well (and it will be MUCH better than the stuff I brought last year; that was an embarassment!).

    TO, you better get on pinterest..... somebody is watching you. ;)

    K, better get ready for bed. Night all!
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    Dec 16, 2008
    Greenleaf, WI
    Good grief, BL4, go to bed. Speedqueen.

    nice to see ya Ghost, good luck on the hatch! keep us posted, hey?

    Terri, your birds are a hoot. Tommy might need an aspirin tomorrow. [​IMG] how's this for interesting: changed Cartman after breakfast and let him run about nekkid for a little while to air dry. 2 minutes later, says Big Bro, 'uh-oh mom, come look!' Yep, little twerpus pooped on the carpet in front of the TV, then sat on both couch pillows. [​IMG] Got that disaster cleaned up, him into the tub. I take him out and head down to the laundry. He follows, then he piddles on the stairs down to the laundry room. [​IMG] Into the tub again! Ugg, what a morning.
  4. mxmarg

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    Mar 9, 2012
    SCentral Sconny

    This is so funny... I read your post about "someone please post Something!" I went about my evening and at some point thought you and buddy Tommy should get some good drinking games on... and well there you are! And trying to get Tina and the dog in on it too I see! You beat me to it! [​IMG]
  5. Terri O

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    Ah...I remember those days well...but I had THREE! LOL! I cant wait to see the boys again at the bash, I hope they wont be to shy!
    Thanks for the interesting reading everyone! One thing about not having anything on the Cheeseheads to read--you go to the rest of the site and see what's going on! I am really tired now from reading for a few hours so I probably wont even read but a paragraph or two of my book.
    I think my drinking buddies are tired...hey CC--we need to bring the cochins along to the bash...does your like to imbibe?
    Nighties!!!! Terri O and Tommy and Tina too LOL! Talk To you Tomorrow!
  6. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Hi all, went to the feed mill this AM.. It was closed.. so I went into their new seed store.. They did have the layer ration so it was not a wasted 22 mile trip.. I discovered that they havea small 4 table eaterie,, so I had a cuppa and talked for a long time with the waitress.

    I had to spray a few guineas out of the pine tree tonight.. One sat tight.. prolly will be a pile of feathers in the AM..

    Potatoes.. just today Annie showed me some of our stored potatoes.. I asked about how they were holding up this year.. she bought several 20lb bags with zippers on them.. made especially for potatoes.. there are only a very few with sprouts on them.. In the bag she brought out there was one potato with one 6 inch sprout.. the rest had just began to bud out.. not bad compared to other years where the potatoes would be all used up from all the sprouts on them..

    for the past two years, I bought seed potatoes.. this year I am going to use my own seed..

    we still have a couple of hundred pounds left..

    one year I stored carrots in boxes of sand.. That was not a good experience.. It seems that our cat figured the sand box was for her personal use..If you think a litter box stinks, try mixing in 75 pounds of rotted carrots..

    I planted beds of carrots one year also.. like 6 beds , 3ft x 6 ft.. we had hundreds of pounds of carrots.. I covered them with straw pales for winter use.. I went out in January and dug down through about 2 feet of snow , just to get to the top of the bales.. then I pulled the soggy bales off the beds ,,piece by piece because the strings had rotted off on the dirt side.. It was below zero.. the ground was NOT frozen,, but it was wet.. I pulled a good supply of carrots out of the mud and covered everything back up.. I never went back for more.. and I never tried that method again.. Thanks Mother Earth News.. great tip..

    Now Annie just washes up the carrots and lets them dry real good and puts them into the refrigerator..

    The Barred rocks gave me 100% again today.. Dels are still hanging back at 50%

    BigZ,, now you know how they got the name "nun" ...that's Latin for not any, nothing, none..

    who's shooting transvestites ? DrH ?? off of a 6 year old tractor.. that was funny, I don't care who you are....

    well i am going to grab a brew and then go to bed.. I think I will then Goliath down because I feelith tired..

  7. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
    SE Wis

    Terri! He's only 10! Just what I need: the chicken police at my door for condoning underage drinking. [​IMG]

    I'll have to see what DH thinks about Jack taking a road trip. Hey, does anyone have a really old banty hen that they're looking to rehome? [​IMG]
  8. Cindlady

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    Dec 12, 2010
    S.E. WI
    Hi All!

    [​IMG]more cute ugly chick pics!

    TO... Better look out or you'll be taking Tommy to AA meetings! Not to mention if you ever decide he should no longer be a house chicken... he may be camping on your door step at cocktail time! [​IMG] I had a gerbil that lived 6 1/2 years (average is 3). I wondered what was keeping him going so long... then I caught my mother giving him a brandy and water cocktail in a bottle cap! Guess she had been doing it since he was 2!

    Amy... I had 4 boys (now have 4 grandsons)... I think it gets worse when they learn they have a little control and they find "interesting" places to "go"! [​IMG] Like the dog dish... or a toy... or...

    I've been reading a little here all day and now .... CRS!

    Nothing interesting here.... Storky is steadfast on her eggs... I did see her get up to eat a drink .... that's good. One of the guineas I think is trying to go broody but spooks off the nest easy.... sounds like what a guinea would do. [​IMG] At least she hasn't gone off and hid a nest.

    Well, I have mushrooms to clean and eggs to pack... night all!

    OH... young son's 2 pies and angle food cake did well... All toll they only wound up with 7 items for sale (and DS brought 3!... lazy people! ) So they decided to raffle them off... and 1st drawn gets first pick... His were in the first 4 picked. They made $139
  9. Dr HaHa

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Nekoosa Wi.
    Good Froggy Morning Everyone! It's starting to burn off though. Sorry Amy thought that was funny about Cartman! Cind sounds like you taught him well [​IMG] Glad to hear Storky is staying put! TO cool pics! Hope you hide the keys from him. No he/she's on the mower. Too bad that would be a cheap and easy fix! Jim I wish I had a root cellar, if I did I wouldn't need a lawn mower. [​IMG] Sounds like your getting plenty of eggs! Told L I wasn't going to do ANYTHING today but it's supposed to be nice out I may have lied. Might get some cold weather stuff planted. Supposed to be down near freezing the next couple of nights.Better go let the kids out!
  10. EarthyLady

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    Mar 12, 2012
    southwest wi

    Oh my goodness, I was cracking up on this! [​IMG]

    Our fridge is total crap and we really need to replace it. stuff on the top shelf freezes and the stuff in the crisper drawers wilts. Go figure. That's kinda what you get when you buy used off craigslist. Last year, I washed and dried some carrots and put them in big gallon zip lock bags this winter and I just used the last good one about a month ago. But I still had to throw away a bag full too because they were spongy and not good. What I DO know is that you should not store potatoes and carrots together and NOT in a 5 gallon bucket with rice. [​IMG] I had read about storing carrots in a bucket of sand. Stand them up and then fill in the spaces with sand and keep them cool. Well, we thought......hey, we've got this big 25# bag of rice, why not use that instead of buying sand. It should keep the moisture out, right? Well, so we filled up several buckets full of potatoes and carrots and dumped in the rice. About a month later I go to get a potato and open up the bucket to find the rice had pulled the moisture out of the potatoes and then molded. It was disgusting! We lost about 3 - 5 gallon buckets of potatoes and a few carrots that had been added as extra filler to one of the buckets.

    So, I really need to figure out a good way to store stuff this year.

    In chicken news, we sold 4 of our 'teenagers' yesterday leaving us with only 6 teens, but we still have 22 babies that are about 5 weeks old now. Hubby moved them out to the barn yesterday. I also let the teens and the adults range together for the first time yesterday. It wasn't too bad. A few ruffled feathers and a wee bit of chasing going on, but nobody got seriously hurt. I'll probably let them out together again today too.

    alrighty, gotta run. Babe wants her momma back.

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