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    Dec 12, 2010
    S.E. WI
    OK... got up to go potty... looked outside and saw the guineas out .... asked DH if he let the birds out before he took the mash down... NO!... he hadn't been out at all yet! I looked again at the guineas...3 of them... hummm darker than they should be.... I thought my guineas looked too dark sometimes... whet to the coop ... my 5 were there! I opened the coop door and everyone ran out and the new guineas stayed! They stayed when DH brought the mash down and I took a few pictures (I'll post later) and came back to bed. (Yes, I'm typing in bed) These new ones are a little larger and don't have a white belly like mine, and their call seems different. I'll have to look them up. And apparently they are not a threat because the roosters aren't chasing them off.

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    Morning All!
    Not much to report here! The Girls are all doing well as are the bunnies.
    Was going to post more but DH wants to get going to go do something....

    Oh...oh..oh been meaning to ask...rumor has is it that a new TSC is open in Oregon? Can anyone comfirm? WCc? Kristi?
    Tried to look on the TSC locator but no Oregon location came up.....
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    Jul 29, 2010
    New Glarus
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    Oct 16, 2008
    good morning, coffee is just about done.. the one guinea that stayed in the pine tree is still alive this morning.. I caught another rat.. they look to be youngish.. I hope there isn't a whole litter of them..

    IDK what I am going to do today.. maybe back blade the driveway.. I left it kind of rough the last time.. maybe find a piece of flat steel and make a handle for the trailer plow.. and soon I should start building some planting tables..

    I checked for buckwheat seed at the mill yesterday.. it hasn't come in yet..

    when I let the birds loose the geese went right to the water and the gander did the 2 minute drill on the young goose.. I suspected it was a goose, now I know for sure..

    one goose has started laying eggs with the turkey eggs in the chicken coop. I wonder if/where the other goose is laying ??

    I would let them hatch their own this year,, if I can get them to put their nest somewhere safe..
    maybe I should build a box for that purpose and set it in the chicken coop.. I had one goose hatch some in there one year.. another project for today.. maybe that will be priority #1..

    I can smell the coffee..

    B C N U L8er ..........jiminwisc............
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    So I wake up this morning and my lovely DH hands me a coffee, a paintbrush, and says "morning love, there's a lot of painting to do!" uggggh. I've been painting everyday for the last 2 weeks! I'm never painting again in my life!!! - of course that statement is null and void when I move into my new place, cause ya know, I'll instantly forget how bad it sucks to paint.

    In a few hours we leave to go see the houses, and possibly write an offer on the one we love. I don't want to jump the gun here, but my hobby farm dreams are coming true! :D
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    Mar 30, 2009
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    I am hoping I have finally duck proofed the fence! I picked up some of that netting fence at Fleet last fall (it is sold by the snow fence) and ran it around on the inside of the fence so the neighbors do not have to look at it. I hope they stay home now, I am tired of fetching them back from the neighbors houses!

    Taking the oldest DD out driving in a few. She is going to be dropping off applications; I hope she does get a job, I can't afford her any more! ;)

    Jim, I think everyone is laying now. Still getting pullet eggs, so it will be just a bit longer......

    Spring really is early, my Magnolia is blooming!
  7. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    I made my own coffee this morning, TG !!!! [​IMG]
  8. FrenchToast

    FrenchToast "Draft Apple Ridge" a Bit from Heaven

    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    Ok, I'm lost !!! I just spent 10 minutes looking for the Post about the kid pooping in front of the TV and Pee In on the steps. Pleas don't tell me I dreamt that last night !!! LOL

    I know it was posted by one of you younger people, I don't think Jim or Joe posted it LOL I wanted to read it again since I was tired last night when I read it, I wanted to start the day out with a good chuckle !! LOL That was way to funny. Kind of sounds like having puppies since I never had kids so that is the only way I can relate !! LOL Maybe he could be trained with puppy pads !! LOL

    I'm still trying to wake up, long day yesterday again. We went to the fund raiser for the Lakewood Zoo. They had tons of stuff they were raffling off but nothing I was interested in. Except a pair or chicken/rooster book ends. I didn't buy a number so when they came up I missed them. Weren't very big, don't know how many books they would hold up anyway.
    We got a nice Sweatshirt for $10 with the Lakewood Zoo Logo on it. Only had one in our size otherwise we would have gotten another one.

    Of course DH likes to go to these things, He hangs out by the food booth. Never fails, that's where I"ll find him. Turns out the mechanic that fixes our vehicles wife is on the board at the Zoo. They were there and he was cooking, made a very good chili that he won't share the recipe to. She had some baby Nubian goats there and she had some chicks and baby ducks she had gotten from the TSC in Shawno.
    We hung out by the Belgians. Rogers Son was doing the wagon rides. Roger was up at the Auction table working. The ride was eggcellent !! Nice and long. Very nice Belgians. I took some pictures but the camera is still in the truck :(

    They had two teams. Rogers were driving first. Then Carl, the son, took out his team. One of the horses was a bit spooky. She came from the Amish and then went to his Dads, Carl just brought her to his farm in Oconto Falls last fall and she hasn't been used much since. So she was real antsy. He hitched them up and said "HOP ON" The wagon CC not the horse.
    So we jumped on the wagon and we got a free ride. She needed to get some of that energy burnt off before they took our a crowd. [​IMG]I was in heaven !!!

    Now I want to get my wagon up and running. I need to find a nice vinyl van seat or two captain chairs for it. Right now it has a wooden seat that swivels.
    Then I am going to have to pick a nice color to paint it.
    Anyway, Penny calmed down after a bit.

    So we got to talk to my new friend Roger after the auction was over, he is to easy, I kept asking when he wants me to come down for a driving lesson. If I should bring a horse or two , my new buggy or ???? He said when ever I want !!! Can't wait !!!

    So when we headed home I wanted to stop at Fleet Farm in Antigo and get shavings since last trip to town we ran into the farrier in Menards and never did make it to Fleet Farm since we closed Menards !!! Wow, I remember the days closing the bar, not Menards and Fleet Farm.
    So when I hit the stop sign (figuratively speaking CC) there was a choice, Left went to Shawno and right went to Antigo. Asked DH where should I go TSC or Fleet Farm, even though TSC was way out of the way 32 miles south. I made the big decision and headed to TSC !!! I wanted to see the baby ducks and chicks !!! Yes, My name is Sandi and I'm .............. well....... a lot of things !! [​IMG]
    Disappointed, they only had Red sex links, not that I would have bought any chicks.

    I was talking to the manager, Jeff, and he said they are looking for a building to Rent in Rhinelander and that they normally don't buy buildings. Only on occasion.
    Then he said they were thinking about Hayward or Minocqua, I said no no, not Minocqua, that's to far !!!!
    If I get a chance I'll call and talk to him and see what he says about the Oregon store. Remind me if you don't hear from me.

    They had chips on sale for $4.79. I got the flakes, they expand to 8 cubic ft. The fine shavings, only 5.5 cubic ft.

    I somehow managed to pass by the pot belly pig food that was discounted. Went back and bought 6 bags. They only had the youth and elder brand marked down so I bought 3 of each and am going to mix them. I must be nuts. I can get a different brand a tad cheaper at my feed mill but this is Purina and I think it is a good idea to mix them up a bit to make sure they are getting everything they need. so I'm going to mix all three kinds into one.

    Ok, well that's it for now, I started typing this morning and now it's after noon and nothing is getting done by itself. We didn't get home until late last night. I discovered they have a Good Will in Shawno !!! [​IMG]To bad it is so far away, they have an Aldis, TSC, Kmart and 3 Chinese restaurants. We ate one of them, good stuff. We were looking for a Mexican Restaurant though, does anyone know if Shawno has one of those?

    Anybody go to the Amherst Auction today ?

    Ok, have a good day every one !!!

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