May 30, 2017
4 days ago my polish hen hatched 3 chicks 2 of which hatched fine however the third needed assisting getting out of the shell. After the chick had hatched its umbilical cord was still attached to it with the yolk sack however I left this to dry off. Presently it's cord is still attached to it and seems to be developing a lot slower than the other two chicks which are considerably heavier and larger than that of this chick. The chick also seems to be quite wobbly on its feet which with two other chicks and it's mother considerably seems to be left behind. I'm wondering on what may be the problem with it and what I should do for the best intention of the chick in mind.
The first two pictures are of when they first two healthy hatched third is the one in need of help.

Thanks in advance


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Sadly, as often happens, one chick is a failure to thrive. It usually is the last chick to hatch and had issues with hatching (stemming from being a weaker chick in the first place).
Sometimes they really with a little TLC. Often it can be latent infection from a too slow to close naval which causes some bacterial overgrowth in the gut cavity.
If you have some antibiotics, a round for the chick often clears things up and the chick begins to catch up and thrive.
Other times, they are always the weakling and never do well...usually due to some structural internal defect.

Just try some chick saver in the water and possibly isolating it a few days for mash, probiotics and some rest.


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If you can get some Polvisol (NO iron) pediatric drops (usually at Walmart or other pharmacies)- you can give the chick 2 drops 3 x a day. Put the drops just inside the beak so if the chick wants to push it out, he can.

It's usually better to partition off a part of the brooder, so the other chicks can see him but not walk all over or bully him. You can give him a small stuffed animal to cuddle with. Has he had any water or chick feed? You can gently dip his beak in water so he knows to drink it. He may need chick feed grinded smaller and maybe moistened a bit to make it easier to eat.

Mashed hard boiled egg yolk, moistened with a bit of water or plain yogurt, may temp him to eat. Egg is a great food for him. You could also put a tiny bit of sugar in his water to tempt him to drink.

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Good luck


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