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    ok so most of my hens stopped laying shortly after we brought in a rescued hen. I assumed they were mad at the new addition plus the weather has been weird. Then I noticed an excess of barred rock feathers so I assumed they were molting - and one in particular looks much smaller and you can see all of the new spikes from feathers coming in.

    I noticed Tuesday/Wednesday when I went to refill their feed they the remainder in the bin had gone bad, was moldy and stuck to the bin. I gave them some scraps and Friday cleaned it out and gave them new feed. Now what was rinsed our they ended up getting into and eating.

    That same day I noticed when I let them out of the coop that the one who lost the most feathers stumbled some. Saturday, when I let them out, she was stumbling like a drunk person and I noticed her comb was flopped over but the color is normal and so is the size.

    I took her to the vet and they think it’s the food, but she is still like that today. She isn’t lethargic, eating and drinking fine, normal poop - just looks like she is molting and drink. None of the other four seem to have any issues except I think the other barred rock is molting too, not 100%....ideas?
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    I agree with your vet, most likely the main cause of her actions is the feed. Molting can also make them feel unwell - along with the moldy feed, it may take some time for her to start to recover.
    See that she is eating well, provide extra protein and some poultry vitamins.

    You may also want to look where you rinsed the feed out - if there is a chance there is any left, it would be best to shovel it up and dispose of it properly.

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