Woman embezzled $1.5 million. Put my husband out of job


The Silkie Villa
8 Years
Sep 28, 2011
Byhalia, MS
Just have to vent, this woman embezzled over $1.5 million from my father in laws construction company, they found out about it 2 years ago, and justice is just starting to be served! My husband has been unemployed because of this woman for 2 years!!! I myself am a bookkeeper, and I don't know how she got up every morning and looked the people in the face that she was stealing blind!!!

Gosh, that's just awful and I'm sorry this happened to you and the community! I would need to vent too. Hopefully, she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Thank you!! She has destroyed my husbands family, not only him, my sister in law worked for the company too, and back before they found out she was stealing, they had to start laying people off, my husband and sister, and this woman had the nerve to sit and pretend to care and comfort my sister in law, knowing the whole time it was all her fault!! My husbands parents had just built a new house they might loose now, and he put his hunting land (over 400 acres) up on there line of credit, so he might loose that too. And so far she has lost nothing, she spent 1 night in jail, I think her bond should have been much higher, how about $1.5 million like she stole?!?!?!
Oh and I forgot to mention she has the best lawyer money can buy, not her money though!! Does anyone remember the woman from Selmer, TN that murdered her husband who was a preacher and admitted to, well she has the same lawyer that got her off!!! And we are basically paying for it....
X 2.....I think there has to be seriouslt something wrong with people like that, because she thinks she did nothing wrong!!!!

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