Wondering about the why hatch eggs in fall/winter - Is this related to where you live and weather in

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Im very much wanting to hatch some eggs...but for me I know better its Ky our weather is crazy its hot 1 week then freezing the next...I have seen so many comments about hatching eggs... beginning of fall for us and cold...Is there a positive side I am missing...I keep thinking ...bad weather...snow...eggs...or baby chickens...prob in my kitchen...lol...no way i could leave them out anywhere...my hair would fall out worrying about them...so...
What is the reason you hatch this time of year
why is it a good time in your view
What tips do you know that would help the rest of us ...
what do you do in weather related emergencies with eggs...or tiny chicks
I hatch this time of year because the chicks will hit laying age at the beginning of spring and they'll lay all spring summer and fall for me, as opposed to hatching in spring or summer and not getting any eggs until mid to late fall, only to have them stop laying on me for the winter as soon as they start. I also have the luxury of a heated workshop that I can release the chicks in when they outgrow their brooder but aren't yet ready for the freezing cold, so it works out pretty well for me.
Yes actually! It's not an 'I hatched eggs and things went bad' story, but an 'I had chicks shipped in February and the post office messed up a lot' story. They left the box of chicks outside my door. Never called me. I thought they were all dead for sure until I noticed a couple just barely breathing. I quickly rushed them in and put them directly under a heat lamp. I also started rubbing them to get their circulation going. Of the four that were still alive, three made it. The fourth actually did warm up and get going a little, but I think too much damage had been done :(
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I am so sorry...sad...I am waiting on pins and needles now waiting on 2 polish girls that shipped out Tuesday to me...so worried something will happen to them...the tracking number is useless if they don't update the page...and if it is right...they are sitting in a warehouse about 2000 miles from me... :-/

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