WOOT! Saved $251.00 off DishTV

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    HA! I just saved $251.00 for the next year off my bill!! [​IMG] How? Well... ya see - they're offering NEW Customers nearly half off what I pay for my package - so I asked them "What incentives are you giving your long term customers? Also - your competitor is offering better rates.....for the same programming."

    At first the Service Rep said "Well..I can give you $5.00 off a month"

    Me: "Not good enough..what else ya got?" [​IMG]

    Service Rep: "Well..I'm authorized to give you $10.00 off a month if you sign up for an additionall 24 month contract."

    Me: "nope...dont want any committment... what else?"

    Rep: "let me transfer you to an account specialist who can do more than I can."

    Account Specialist comes on and asks what would I like (I'd like it for FREE LOL but thats not gonna happen [​IMG]) *no I didnt say that* [​IMG] But I did tell her everything I just told the Service Rep and in the end.... I ended up getting $20.99 off my bill for the next 12 months!! Thats $251.88!!


    Next stop - Verizon [​IMG] Wonder how they feel about Vonage? LOL

    *looking around for that little stack of Gieco money...* gives me the creeps that commerical... ROFL!
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  2. cristy17

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    Good for you!! Companies like this make enough off of the little people. We need to take whatever we can get![​IMG]
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    Jan 3, 2008
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    We did the same thing with dish network !! We actually told them we wee switching to direct and gave them a cut off date. Man we got about 5 phone calls from dish network kept telling them no until they matched direct and gave us 2 more recievers a new dish , local channels free . They do not want to loose a customer in this economy . !!! Good for you !!!
  4. HennysMom

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    I think its a crime we have to even PAY for TV anyway... I mean - really? Just got my "gov't subsidized" converter boxes yesterday and STILL had to pay $9.97 per box plus tax for the cheap things! We need them in case the DISH goes down (storms - which happens frequently out in no mans land) and one for out in our RV.

    If those things are even worth $5.00 each we'd be lucky! [​IMG] But PAYING for them because analog is going away is beyond me... While I appreciate the $80.00 "govt coupons" ...I still say we shouldnt have to pay for TV channels at all. I heard they were also considering making all radio satelite now too vs. analog and we must PAY to listen to the radio if they do that...

    Nothing is free anymore..
  5. Buster

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    That's great,Deb! My sister in Cleveland just got a great deal in a very similar manner!

    We got local cable when we moved because Dish did some things that really annoyed us when we moved. However, we don't like the service or equipment of the local cable company. We had all but decided to go back to Dish, but then found out that they aren't going to carry one of the local stations (a major network) and we've heard that Dish's DVR's only store recordings for 24 hours now (I won't pay for TV without a DVR- it saves me hours and hours of watching commercials, and who would want to watch TV on THEIR time anyway?)

    Do you know anything about the DVR equipment?
  6. HennysMom

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    I dont have a DVR Jared - as I dont really watch that much TV (which is why it burns my tail to pay as much as we do [​IMG]), but I know alot of people that DO have one and love it. Its sort of like a TiVo I'm told.

    Hey - they are offering deals for free DVR and movie channels but .. again we just dont watch that much TV to worry about it. My main shows I watch are LOST and Ghost Whisperer.. ROFL! The only channels I really watch are DIY, Food Network and the news [​IMG]

    yep - I lead a boring life HA HA!
  7. chickenwhisperer123

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    Mar 7, 2009
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    Our DVR stores the recorded shows until you erase them. I do hate though, how when it gets to 100 hours, it automatically starts deleting shows.
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    Quote:See, we don't watch much TV either, but we like to keep the UFC pay-per-views we record and we like to watch when we have time or I catch up on shows on the weekends when I work out of town, so if in fact Dish's DVR equipment only holds shows for 24 hours now, I can't go that route even though I prefer them over the other stuff. I don't want to pay for TV either, and especially not when they remove my ability to watch at my leisure. [​IMG]
  9. Would someone please tell me what the acronym ROFL stands for? I recently received it in an e-mail and didn't want to appear dumb and old by asking, suddenly it is appearing every where (like in this posting) so this old dummy wants to know.[​IMG][​IMG]
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    Quote:ROFL= Rolling on the floor laughing

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