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  1. I can't WAIT until tomorrow morning. I have a new buff pullet being shipped to me today! And she is SOOOO nice! I'll have pics to post tomorrow I am sure. She is 100% PURE HatTrick hatched from eggs directly from HatTrick, so she ought to be even nicer than the pictures I've seen.
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  2. [​IMG] Yay for you! Wish you the best of luck with her!
  3. Congrats! Whered you find her? Ive been looking all over, checking the Hattrick websites, and no buffs yet. I cant wait to see pictures! [​IMG]
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    Ontario, Canada :)
    What breed......
    I am guessing a silkie [​IMG]
  5. Quote:Well I can't give away ALL of my secrets now.....
  6. Quote:Most definitely!
  7. Quote:Well I can't give away ALL of my secrets now.....

    Well, if you want to, you know where to find me. [​IMG]

    Looking foward to pictures! [​IMG]
    Will you be selling any buff eggs either this spring or next spring? Your buffs are gorgeous! [​IMG]

  8. Quote:Its highly unlikely, as this is the first year for these breeding birds. I'll have to hatch more and see how they produce before I sell any.

    But, nothing is ever set in stone....
  9. Did she come yet? [​IMG]
  10. NO!!! [​IMG]

    The shipper said she was supposed to be guaranteed by noon today, but at 1030 when I called the PO she hadn't arrived yet. I sure hope she gets here today. I keep checking the USPS tracking website every 30 mins, and I am going to call the PO box at noon if she still hasn't arrived.

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