worm in egg?

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    May 2, 2010
    I'm visiting my parent's this week. They purchase free range eggs from a local farm. I made the kids some eggs last night and noticed something in one of the eggs that looked like it could be a worm. It was a pink/flesh colored tiny line. Could this chicken have worms? Should I contact the owner? Should I toss the eggs out????
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    That has been posted before. Cannot be sure. Can you post a pix?

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    I am new to chickens so I don't know about worms in eggs, but as a consumer of eggs, I am grossed out. I will definitely keep an eye on this thread so I can learn how and why that happens. I would scream bloody murder if I found a worm in an egg.
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    That would just ruin breakfast wouldn't it? I've never found a worm inside an egg before. I hope I never do. I'll have to make sure my chickens get wormed twice a year for sure now. I usually just do it in the spring but not anymore. Thats just gross.
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    Could this chicken have worms?

    Yes. Some worms can navigate from the intestinal tract to the egg laying factory and get caught in an egg while it is forming. It is extremely rare but it can happen. The link below tralks about it.

    Should I contact the owner?

    I would. They may give you some free eggs as comnpensation but mostly they may not even know their chickens have worms.

    Should I toss the eggs out??

    No, just that one. There is nothing wrong with the other eggs. They probably did not even come from the same hen although it is pretty sure that all the hens in that flock have worms. As I said, it is extremely rare that a worm finds its way to this area of a hen, even if she has a heavy infestation.

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    from what i've read a hen must have a heavy infestation of worms for one to end up in the egg.

    that is just unappetizing though! [​IMG]
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    I'm worming the chickens tomorrow night!
  10. emys

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    Nov 19, 2008

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