Worried About My Roosters Spurs.

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7 Years
Nov 1, 2012
In March 2011 a white rooster adopted us: He is on my avatar photo. 6 months later a friend gave me 3 brown shavers who we named, 'Little Miss Green Eyes, Stardust and Miss Dreamy'. The hens are slightly bigger than my rooster 'Bok Bok'. My Hennies have given us 3 eggs a day since they first came in to our family. My concern is for my Rooster 'Bok Bok'. His Spurs have grown so long and I am worried about them pricking his flesh when he perches. The hens haven't been affected by them. because they are growing toward his belly. I can't pick him up since he's had his hennies. Are spurs sharp. What should I do?
You will need to trim them back if they are that long and overgrown. Some people remove them with various methods, we just trim them occasionally. My husband just lays our rooster on a work table, lops off the spur and then files it smooth so it's rounded on the end. You can also use a Dremmel to smooth the cut end. We do this as needed, maybe every couple of months.
Gosh 'Bok Bok' has become quite 'Macho' since he's had his hens. How would I pick him up without hurting myself or him?
When I need to treat a bird I wait until they roost at night. They're stupid with sleep and you just firmly pluck them off the roost. If it's a rooster I usually wrap him in a towel. If you keep their head covered they're usually pretty docile.
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