Worried about my White Crested Black Polish chicken


Jun 18, 2021
S.E. Ohio
Hi everyone!
I am new to chicken “wrangling”, LOL! My flock of ten chickens is doing well so far. Everyone looks healthy and happy, except one of my White Crested Black Polish chicken, Linny. Her “hair” feathers have always been growing in a bit lop-sided, kinda like a Cyndi Lauper’s hair style. It was a lot shorter on one side. Now she’s getting a bald spot on top of her head. Her sister Squiggy has no problem. Her “hair” is full kinda like Tina Turner. They both live with my Buff Brahma, Elvis (a female). The three of them get along well. I have never noticed the others plucking her feathers out.
I am submitting a picture of Linny’s head. It is a little wet because I did wash their crests with baby shampoo because they got dirty in the pen.
Can anyone tell me if there is something I can do to get her feathers to grow in again?


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