Worst predator for the south?


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
What is the worst predator of the south?
Good fences, covered runs and a loaded gun with willingness to use it.

edited to add-pellet gun if you are underage, my son is getting quite good with his.
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And warned neighbors. We have no ASPCA or anything like that here. I warned the neighbors, and shot a dog that got 3 of my birds. She didn't kill the birds, and I didn't kill her, but Game load convinced her to hunt elsewhere.
I would have to say my biggest threat here(at the moment) are hawks. The only reason I don't say dogs is because right now, all neighbors keep their dogs on their own property and no strays have been dumped in a while(I live on the end of a dead end road).

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