Would he win a blue ribbon?

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This is Winston. Would he do good in a show? I've never done one before. So i'm a newbie to that.

At a 4H or County Fair, he might. At an APA Sanctioned Show or a show with many other Silkies to compete with, no, sorry.
I assume he is a hatchery bird. He is the sad result of hatcheries breeding for quantity versus quality. He is clearly a silky, but he just looks, off. Even with a fluff and buff, I don't think he would look good enough to compete at all.
He looks to be very out of condition. Crest looks like it has been plucked out--probably a mix of molting and fighting with other birds. Wings and tails also lok worn and broken. If in condition he might well look much better. I have a few birds that can look super ratty when they are molting, but once they grow in new feathers don't even look like the same bird.

However, he does not appear to be a recognised variety, but rather blue or possibly even splash partridge.

Start giving him a diet wth a higher protein count, preferably some animal protein, and lots of good oil seeds such as black oil sunflower seeds and safflower seeds. Add poultry vitamins or calf manna. If there is a poultry club in your area, join, and start learning how other breeders/exhibitors feed and condition their birds. What works in one area does not always work in other areas, due to climate and environmental differences, so getting local advice can be very helpful.

Once your bird finishes his molt, take another photo for us to see.
I agree with him winning at a fair or a 4H show...
I would give him a blue ribbon if I saw him...anywhere.
He's beautiful!

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