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    Apr 27, 2011
    NW Missouri
    I have had my incubator for a while ( Janoel JN8-48 ) and hatched out several batches of chicken and quail eggs, today I double check the temps and find out that the thermostat being on the lid makes the temp wrong at egg level, I check the temp at egg level and its only 96 degrees checked with my digital thermometer.

    Do you think I should adjust it or just leave it? I have had several hatch out, just had an 80% hatch rate of quail last week. What is the risk of incubating at 96-97 degrees at egg level? I have had pretty good hatches, quail on day 18 and chickens on day 20-21 so it isnt really delaying hatches

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    Quote:IF the thermometer is accurate, that temp is too low. I would definitely adjust it. Try changing the batteries too. That could be a possibility.
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    Quote:I just ordered the thermometer with the probe that you show in the pic. I'm waiting to receive some hatching eggs and have 3 digital thermometers in the bator right now - each one of them has a slightly different temp & humidity. Grrrrrr.
    I've only hatched twice before - duck eggs - the 1st, I got maybe a 35% hatch rate which isn't very good. The 2nd time I got 100%, but that was because mama duck incubated them until the last 4 days - I put them in the incubator after a predator got her and they all hatched. It's obvious to me that the broodies have this incubating thing figured out much better than I do.

    Sounds like you are doing very well - I hope my next hatch goes that well.
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    Apr 27, 2011
    NW Missouri
    ok, I looked up the instructions for my incubator and I changed the temp with the "correction function" to be what I was reading at the eggs, this makes it the actual temp of the egg area instead of the top of the incubator where the thermometer is, in this incubator happens to be in the lid.

    I cant wait till I build my incubator because I am going to do digital with a wafer backup in a cabinet that I build, hopefully I wont have these issues because I will have my thermometer probe where my eggs are in the incubator.
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    Jan 23, 2012
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    Hi mochicken
    I have just purchased my first incubator Janoel-48. I'm having trouble keeping the humidity stable for several hours, I put water in it, until it goes up to around 45%, then it just goes down in a matter of hours. I've tried filling the A channel all the way up, but it brings the humidity up way too high. How did you handle the humidity?
    Thanks Kathryn

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