Would you report this?


12 Years
May 2, 2011
Yucca Valley
Monday morning on my way home from work a San Bernardino County Prisoner bus was driving CRAZY! In the town of Morongo the speed limit is 50, I paced him at 65. On the grade going up, the speed limit is 65 and I paced him at 82! Not only that he was weaving in and out of traffic on the way up the grade, not just the occasional lane change, but in and out of traffic. In the town of Yucca Valley the speed limit is 40 and somehow he must have caught a red light or traffic that he couldn't get around and I was able to get close enough to see him again. I jumped behind him and had to take my car up to 62 just pace him. I also watched him pretty much blow through a red light. The light was red before the nose of the bus even hit the cross walk. I have the license plate number. I feel like he should be reported as he went beyond speeding and was plain out recklessly driving. Then I think how bad the economy is and what if he loses his job? What if next time he kills somebody?
As always, it's up to you to choose what you think is right. he may lose his job, yes. Or "he" may have been a prisoner stealing the bus.

If he kills someone tomorrow what would you rather live with, wondering if you did the right thing today or remembering forever that you had the chance to make a difference... yesterday?
You may be asked how you know the speeds at which he was traveling.
I will tell them I paced him just enough to clock his speed. Awhile back I called 911 for a drunk driver, he was hauling buns! The cop on the line told me to pick up enough speed to keep a visual on him until they got there.

Maybe they were filming #3?

But on a serious note - prison bus or passenger bus...private vehicle or limo - any erratic driving deserves to be reported. You're right, the driver could injure someone. What if they were drunk?
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No, I wouldn't report it. Just like I wouldn't turn my neighbor in for building a shed without a building permit or my other neighbor for using a 50 gallon garbage can instead of the regulation 32. Can't spend all your time getting upset over the little things.
When you report the incident state what you have seen. Don't mention actual speed limits. The fact that the driving is erratic is enough to get the cops rolling.

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