wow central ny irene devastation :edit 2 photos areas hit


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Jun 16, 2011
New York
we were relatively unscathed. minor property flooding the chickens coop took on some water but weathered the storm better than I had expected. I bought 15 unhappy chickens in and placed them in a closet at the peak of irenes impact between 10am and 3 pm. We moved them back out this morning after the coop had been cleaned and its drying out. Their run is a bit muddy yet but hopefully later today it will dry out more and i can let them out.

Is there any members in schoharie county? We know its still a state of emergency there with middleburgh /blenheim gilboa area have been hit hard and devastated with the dam breach at gilboa. Cobleskill and schoharie were flooded as well. My heart goes out to those who were evacuated and are trying to care for their animals and salvage what they can of their homes.

Town of cobleskill

looking toward town of middleburgh
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My brother lives in Brooklyn, NY!!! He left his apartment because it was so close to the evacuation zone... We talked to him the other night. He was alright. He had enough sense to take some food and water with him. He was at a bus stop when we talked to him. Hopefully he made it to his dad's place in PA.

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