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Oct 6, 2009
Shelbyville, Tennessee
i want to get some hatching eggs but i really don't know where to look. the breeds i am looking for are Polish, Seramas, OEGame, D Uccle, Cochins, Faverolles, wellsummers, and wyandottes. i want a wide variety of colors and sizes so i'm not too picky about the specifics on that. does anyone know where i can get some of these at a reasonable price? thanks to everyone for your help!!
i checked out the auctions and everything posted that i want is already sold or auction has ended. thank you though and i will keep my eyes on the auctions. i appreciate your help
I have SLW, GLW, Welsumers, Polish's , Edit: and cochins : but just my luck and yours they are not locked up in separate pens..... DARN IT!!!! I could have hooked you up big time!!!
I do have Black Australorps and turkins I just put on here though as a buy it now if you are interested?
They are locked up separate and purebred!

Good Luck!!!
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Hi, we've been blessed to have several beautiful purebred flocks which we feed the best of feed, sprouted grains and fresh grass and veggies from our chemical free garden. We farm full time and we love our animals and veggies.

We have non hatchery

buff orpingtons,
Black Copper Marans
barred rocks
Speckled Sussex
Pure Mahogany RIR's
and Speckled sussex
White Leghorns (sold out for the balance of this year, if my memory of egg calendar is correct)

We also have geese, ducks and turkey eggs and guinea as well

We'll be adding a few new lines in 2010

I'll just add a few pics below....Please let me know if anything interests you. I'll also split up the order.....you can get partial order (not full dozen of each kind you like).

We pack very careful.ly..I'll be glad to give you a reference to our feedback.





Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you.

Thanks New2Chooks for mentioning us!!!! Hope the babies to be are doing fine!

Have a blessed day
Our prices vary with the breed and will include selecting, careful packing, priority shipping and confirmation delivery.

We always include extras if they are available the day of shipping.

Our feedback is located here:

Our prices range from $25 for the White Leghorns to $60 for the Black Copper Marans.

We have reduced our prices to make our birds affordable. We may need to do a slight adjustment in 2010 to cover packing materials costs, but will try to keep it minimal.

Please let me know if you have more questions and thanks so much for your interest.

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