Mrs. Green Thumbs

9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Santa Maria, California
So on Sunday we finished our coop (except for some TINY alterations) and the pen (except for some TINY future alterations lol) and the girls spent their first night EVER out side. The night's have been warm and the day's sunny so I figured it was perfect timing. Plus ....we were sick of them being in the house! The first night we waited till almost after dark and the girls were so calm that we went in I plucked two at a time off the roost's and poped them in the coop. We have a light inside the coop to encourage them and it's got bedding down so they were looking in there but hadn't quite figured it out. The second night we waited till almost dark and again had to go out and put the girls to bed. Once again they were compliant and allowed us to pick them up and put them to bed without a fuss. Then tuesday night same deal. Well last night was wensday night and we were getting ready for bed at dusk (I have to be up at 4 am so I get to bed EARLY) when I remember the girls.... we toss on some slipper's and go out to put them to bed.... 3 of our 4 pullet's were in the coop snuggled up and cozy! the 4th was on a roost out in the pen!


I did not expect for them to catch on so quickly! Or for it to be that easy!!!! I expect that by this time next week the girls will be putting them selves to bed every day and all I will have to do is go out and lock them up for the night! SO AWESOME!!!!

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