Yellow crusties on ear!

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  1. Lolabrickita

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    Was looking at my Bantum Rooster this morning and noticed some crusty looking yellow flakes by his ears. I am treating them for leg mites and wonder if this is the mites or something else?! Have dusted him with DME but wanted to know if anyone has had this and what they did! He is chipper as ever but I am worried!

  2. chickenzoo

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    It could be ear canker. I had a roo I treated for it but it came back. He lived to be about six or I just left it be.
  3. Lolabrickita

    Lolabrickita Hatching

    K so got polysporin and vet said ivomec, hate to use chemicals but scared for little Benny!
  4. Lolabrickita

    Lolabrickita Hatching

    Lost Benny yesterday and two others have yellow crust starting on their heads. Eyes are swollen treating with polysporin still and all have ivermectin anyone seen this before? :(

  5. dawg53

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    Nov 27, 2008
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    Sounds like you're dealing with some type of respiratory disease. Here's a link; take a look at Infectious Bronchitis (IB,) Infectious Coryza, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG.) Keep in mind that there are various strains of these diseases and symptoms vary from mild to wild.

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