Yet another barred rock with gender issues....


8 Years
Oct 16, 2011
Eatonville, WA
After reading lots of threads about determining the gender of barred rocks, mine still has me stumped. Amelia is nice and dark, with a dark wash on her legs. She had a clear white head spot as a little chickie...all the nice female traits. Her face seems a little red to me, though. What do you think? (3 months old)

So what do you all think? Is she Amelia Earhardt or Charles Lindbergh?

Sure hope so! Amelia is a curious little squirrel, and one of our favorites, and if she is a boy she'll need a new home to go with her new name.

Anyone else want to chime in? I'm a worry wart, so pile on the reassurance if you think she's going to stay Amelia in my back yard, and not become Charles in somebody else's backyard.

Oh that's all girl. She's just maturing earlier, will probably be your first layer. Cockeral are much lighter in color and larger combs.
Has to be a pullet, but you just confirmed my fears on my 3 month old...Isabelle is now Izzy

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