YIKES! Found lice on my goats...... used some Ivomec Pour on....... anythinng else?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by chickenzoo, Feb 18, 2012.

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    saw lice looking eggs on my goats...... found some eggs on the 2 babies head, NEVER had lice on my goats but this new place seems to have all kinds of creepy crawlers.... UGH!! I used some Ivomec cattle pour on , on the adults... dusted the 2 babies with Sevin Dust. anything else I should do?

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    If you have any Ivomec 1% injectible will kill the lice. You can inject it and that way the goats will be wormed at the same time. Since you already treated them with ivomec you should wait for a week or so before using it.
    If what you have doesn't work try the other. But wait a while before you do. The sevin should work but is temporary. The injectable should last long enough to clear up the problem. If you are heavily infested you can treat the area with the sevin. Just don't get it near the hay or food or water.
    I think it's the warmer weather that is creating problems. Here at least it hasn't been cold long enough to kill off the gross critters. Locally people have been seeing barberpole worms that can be deadly. The worms are spread by deer and the larva hasn't been frozen and killed like it usually is.
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    Not sure about the cattle one but the one skyesrocket mentioned is safe for goats. Not trying to scare you but I heard some of the cattle ones were not safe for goats....I think I remember hearing.
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    My goat had lice last year, my vet had me dust him once and then again in 3 weeks and I have not had a problem since. Good luck with the little buggers my head is itching already lol
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    DO NOT INJECT THE IVERMECTIN!!! it is traumatizing to the goats and also takes alot longer to get into their system!!!
    instead give it orally
    (more info on giving ivermec orally here :http://fiascofarm.com/goats/wormers.htm#ivomec )

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