YIKES..Talk About A Protective Mom


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
Yesterday my daughter and her friend were helping me catch 6 out of 12 ducklings. Their only 5 days old & mommy duck was SOOOO MAD. I never seen anything like it before, she was trying to bite my daughter in the leg & was flying right at us and hissing, mouth open, wings flapping, yelling. She wasn't happy a bit with us. We caught 6 and still have 6 more to catch they are fast & their mom is too. lol ~Julie~
Yeah, a good broodie will NOT be happy about you picking up her ducklings. I have one that hates me right now. I sold 3 of her babies and she is now even more protective of her last 3. Can't blame her but still...
Sounds like you've got a good mama there! I wish all mothers were that protective of their babies. What a pain, though. Maybe carry a shield, lol. Or, maybe catch and isolate mom and then get the ducklings.
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lol.. yep I did have a shield, my daughter was my shield. lmao just kidding I had a real large bowl in my hand just to scare her. but i don't look forward to getting the rest of them babies. ~Julie~
My muscovy mama is a dinosaur. She attacks, jumps on heads and backs digs her claws into you , draws blood, yanks hair, beats with wings, everything. SHe is awesome lol
I had this happen the first time I tried to take ducklings to sell them. I got around this by taking the eggs and incubating them in an incubator. She gets over it alot faster.

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