You CAN keep live grass in the run!


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There have been several threads and posts lately about keeping grass/greens in a run. It's next to impossible because chickens destroy it by their scratching. Here's how I've been able to keep some alive for them.

Build a rectangular frame with 2x4's and cover one side with 1" chicken wire or 1/2" hardware cloth or any wire that the greens you want will grow thru yet the chickens can't get their heads thru. 2 feet by 4 feet works good. Any size you want but at least one dimension should be 2 feet or less. The wire tends to sag too much otherwise.

OK, so now you've got what looks like a very shallow box, 3 1/2" deep, with wire on the bottom. Turn it over, wire side up, place it over a spot where you have previously cultivated/prepared the soil and planted your grass/greens of choice. A little scratch feed scratched into the soil will give you wheat, oats, millet, and whatever else happens to sprout. Be sure to water. Once your new greens have grown tall enough to come thru the wire their root system will be established enough to withstand being pulled up by hungry chicks.

You can even do this under a shelter or indoors where there is enough light as long as you keep it watered.

awesome idea! I am definitely going to do this. We are working our on chicken coop and chicken run now. I'd like to get one of these started in the run while the new chicks (almost 4 weeks old) are getting used to their new chicken house (coop). Then, it would just about be ready for when we let them out in the run.
Now why couldn't I think of that! Thanks very much for a practical, easy idea!!!

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